:: we don't talk anymore ::

we don't talk anymore. and by we, i meant me and u. and by u, i meant my blog. bhahaha. but seriously, was checking out my archive this year i hardly blog pon. teruk-nya la haiiii...i love blogging but what the hell is happening? 

no one to blame but myself obviously. im sorry but to be honest this year i have turned into someone who tak-kuasa-nak-post-apa2 on any social media platform. nak sedapkan hati, i truly believe it's a phase. if u dont believe me, guys go and check my instagram. hardly babe. hardly. 

for IG i used to post at least once a day. u know, to document a significant moment or thing for the day that makes me happy. now, bukan-nya im not happy, i am... but i tak kuasa. i just don't have the heart to share anything. LVDV said i dah tua. am i really? dia memang selamba blunt. i think i got affected daripada dia. LVDV memang bukan jenis yang post-all-the-time. i am slowly turning into that. *gasp!* oh no!! 

i read somewhere today, social media is all for boasting. partly true. partly agree. but at this age of mine, with all the things that is happening around, it's like the less u post the better kot. paling tak nak apa yang kita post tu jadi bahan mengata orang. it's not that i care what people think or say, no. i know i have stalkers..duhh. but i do care if sesuatu i posted becomes a some sort of bitching topic even worse jadi bahan fitnah orang. that scares me. mulut orang kan...benda kita tak post pon bole jadi bahan apatah lagi benda yang we rela hati put out for public. dosa masing2 la but tak banyak sikit, we contribute gak. 

i get it now why LVDV used to say, "lantak la orang lain. asalkan u ngan i tahu, cukup". this was LVDV's answer when i asked about how come i don't have much exposure kat IG or FB dia. masa first year laa..now dah third year aku tak tanya dah. sebab dah faham. what we have between us is not to be shared with the world apparently. giler kedekut and selfish i thought at first but it's for all the right reasons. and because of that, everyday is lil bit more special. thank you kamoo! 

as much as i miss bitching posting stuff on the internet, at the end of the day i know im not in it for likes or popularity. im no diva. or at least not anymore. haha. as if. i keep most of the things to myself. i'll probably talk to you if we see each other face to face. other than that, duduk diam2 buat kerja and hal sendiri. we don't talk anymore is not really a bad thing after all kan?

tapi kan i cakap, this is probably a phase. wait and see je lah!  

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