:: aunty june ::


this conversation took place about an hour ago. 
but aku still blom move on gelak.


that's my Maksu by the way.
and this is pretty much quite a normal dialog between us.
terus hilang mengantuk aku petang-petang nie. haha.

if u wanna see her in person, 
sila lah jenguk Meet2Eat at Laman Selera Stadium Kampung @ Kg. Baru.
she's there everyday. sebut je Maksu.
orang yang paling blur kat situ - that's her. LOL.
im yet to blog about her food-place. selalu lupa. bila teringat about it usually pinggan dah licin.
soon laa ekk? but everyone can follow their ig @meettwoeat k!
nak sambung gelak about Aunty June sat. bye!

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