:: i feel you MOK ::

"tak pe laa sayang. kalo u gemok pon i sayang kat u"
i wanted to slap LVDV's face. -_____-" such a cliche sentence. this was after berairmata dia gelakkan aku sebab i said i feel fat. LOLs.

just to make things clear. i was NEVER kurus pon. im already at the state of redha accepting the fact 'kuruih' will never be in my dictionary. im very voluptuous and curvy. recently, i just added chubby and double-chin to my list. pffts. now, makin menjadi-jadi plak which lead me to say i FEEL fat.

since i believe in karma a.k.a whatever u say might come back and hit u in the face, so i think for the past few months maybe ada la aku termention some names who looked chubby-er than before. i swear im sorry for calling you 'Mok' Asha...it was your brother's idea actually. :P  

it started when recently i felt some pain kat area lutut. (there's also kisah lutut which made LVDV laughed harder. hoh!) been mentioning it to LVDV but dia busy giler with the mahjong game dia baru discover. a few days back, a red patch appeared on my skin and mulalah aku gelabah nak mati. my family history ada je yang sakit lutut sebab banyak berjalan or badan too heavy. obviously reason yang first tu tak valid la kat aku kan? bhahaha. so the second reason was haunting me. i started visualizing myself in wheel-chair and all. siap pikir macamana la nak masak lauk2 yang take longer than 30mins to cook if i cannot stand lama-lama. oh no!! 

irrelevant right? i know. LVDV slalu cakap, perempuan memang tak releven. im one of them now. *tepukdahi*

im still thinking a way to betolkan this feeling. you see, i didn't say i look fat. i said i feel fat. so first things first, i should stop all my teringin-wishlist. let's put a hold on that. next, goodbye air manis and hello mineral water only. then, it's time to change my daily menu. healthier, less salt, less sugar, no preservative, no carbs kinda food. i sound like a Kenny Rogers iklan plak dah kan? oh well, Jez owes me some recipes. i shall haru dia..hehe. kita start tiga nie dulu la ek! just in case you're wondering why i didnt list exercising...in my defense for now, i dont have proper shoes. (sold my Reeboks a couple of years back) but ill do my squats while waiting brushing my teeth. okay kan? kan? wow. such heavy commitments. im already starting to sweat. phew.

let's give it a go for a month starting tomorrow. konfiden tu penting orang cakap. 
good luck lah Tania oii...but in the meantime...


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