:: an earlier rise for 2017. konon ::

last year 48 hours ahead. this year it's a week ahead of 2017. i really wanna say it's an improvement but in my head im shouting to myself "improvement WAK LUU!!" ... i swear that is my other Gemini side. LOL.

i am concluding my 2016 as a year full of drama.
amazingly none are from me. hahaha. tahun ni tak sedikit pon ku melatah. it's either i couldn't care less or old is catching up on me. either way, kesemua drama2 itu telah membuka mata dan mendewasakan ku. cewah. some menyakitkan hati, some made me laughed my ass off and some had me crying inside for days. some lupa and move on. some had me rolling my eyes often. some left me speechless. yet also some bila triggered balik dia punya geram boleh buat rasa nak caruts berbakul-bakul. life is full of surprises kan? 

work and business macam roller coaster. the swings and up & downs are very unpredictable. it's a challenge i tell you. to be honest, at moments memang ada rasa nak give up but thank God i didn't. as a matter of fact, im exploring to a new business soon! here's a hint; it's related to snow. hehe. i am praying hard for this. this shall be my baby. my other business dah turn into toddlers. so yeah...very looking forward to it. will announce once everything is in place. omg..i just remembered i owe a post about my MGPA. terlupa giler. dah setahun terlupa. bhahaha. im writing that down in my blogposts topics for next year now. 

life with LVDV has been...private. im not much of a give-away of how we are anyways. i don't believe in showing the world your personal relationship status on a daily basis in social media. that's bullshit and attention seeking. u want the person to want only you, so why the hell are u sharing him/her with the whole world? pffts. bila orang lain berkenan karang ko marah. ye dok? skali skala tu tak apa laaa...occasionally. i know it feels nice being appreciated online but trust me nothing beats being appreciated face to face. it may not be daily (it's our 4th year..so yeah) but at least it's personal and not shared. we still have so much to catch up with each other and at the same time grow together and individually. i am very very very thankful i have LVDV in my life right now. and i hope for many years to come selagi jodoh tu ada. we're a total opposite but somehow we keep each other sane.

this year, my proudest achievement was definitely Sempoi Charity. i am very grateful beyond words for this team i have. the smiles when we deal with orphanage/under-privileged kids and the thank yous we get when we meet up with homeless people is just heart-warming. it's eye opening and we hope we can do more in the next year. inshaAllah. we're open for more volunteers to join our cause tau just in case ada yang interested. 

on health, i am drinking more water now. and by water means no sugar good old plain water. i eat in smaller portion. and by smaller means LVDV tukang abiskan makanan ku. haha. i exercise often. and by often means in my dreams. LOL!! but wait, let me tell you one thing.....i've bought sport shoes!!! tadaaaaa!! terkejut tak? **insert emoji terkejut disini*** aku sendiri pon terkejut weh. hahahaha. it was on sale. good bargain. tried and beli terus! it's not pink but turquoise blue and purple. bought it 4 months ago and still in kotak. kah! kah! kah! the day i rasmikan will be the day my sepapats will bahan me for 6 months straight. i mean they're counting days macam bakal buat kenduri pon ye gak. lepas dah beli tu baru one of them (who is also a PT) told me that exercise only contributes to 5% of your weight loss. hah! i shall sarung it one fine day in 2017. just wait and see.

looking ahead to 2017, i pray for health of myself and beloved ones. i pray for wealth (dimurahkan rezeki) for family, LVDV, friends and everyone who is reading this dengan niat rezeki itu untuk dikongsi. i pray to challenge myself to pray on time. **gasp!** i pray for guidance in life. i pray for expansion in business. last but not least, i pray to travel jauh skit daripada M'sia (for free maybe!) sebab this year we did not had any time to do so! dang! u have no idea how much i am missing spring!! 

oh well, see u soon 2017. mwahs!

:: we don't talk anymore ::

we don't talk anymore. and by we, i meant me and u. and by u, i meant my blog. bhahaha. but seriously, was checking out my archive this year i hardly blog pon. teruk-nya la haiiii...i love blogging but what the hell is happening? 

no one to blame but myself obviously. im sorry but to be honest this year i have turned into someone who tak-kuasa-nak-post-apa2 on any social media platform. nak sedapkan hati, i truly believe it's a phase. if u dont believe me, guys go and check my instagram. hardly babe. hardly. 

for IG i used to post at least once a day. u know, to document a significant moment or thing for the day that makes me happy. now, bukan-nya im not happy, i am... but i tak kuasa. i just don't have the heart to share anything. LVDV said i dah tua. am i really? dia memang selamba blunt. i think i got affected daripada dia. LVDV memang bukan jenis yang post-all-the-time. i am slowly turning into that. *gasp!* oh no!! 

i read somewhere today, social media is all for boasting. partly true. partly agree. but at this age of mine, with all the things that is happening around, it's like the less u post the better kot. paling tak nak apa yang kita post tu jadi bahan mengata orang. it's not that i care what people think or say, no. i know i have stalkers..duhh. but i do care if sesuatu i posted becomes a some sort of bitching topic even worse jadi bahan fitnah orang. that scares me. mulut orang kan...benda kita tak post pon bole jadi bahan apatah lagi benda yang we rela hati put out for public. dosa masing2 la but tak banyak sikit, we contribute gak. 

i get it now why LVDV used to say, "lantak la orang lain. asalkan u ngan i tahu, cukup". this was LVDV's answer when i asked about how come i don't have much exposure kat IG or FB dia. masa first year laa..now dah third year aku tak tanya dah. sebab dah faham. what we have between us is not to be shared with the world apparently. giler kedekut and selfish i thought at first but it's for all the right reasons. and because of that, everyday is lil bit more special. thank you kamoo! 

as much as i miss bitching posting stuff on the internet, at the end of the day i know im not in it for likes or popularity. im no diva. or at least not anymore. haha. as if. i keep most of the things to myself. i'll probably talk to you if we see each other face to face. other than that, duduk diam2 buat kerja and hal sendiri. we don't talk anymore is not really a bad thing after all kan?

tapi kan i cakap, this is probably a phase. wait and see je lah!  

:: dear life ::

Time will change you
Nothing lasts forever more
Tomorrow's all we're living for
And lights will blind you
Illusions keep you wanting more
Just look past revolving doors
To find what's real
Dear life, am I doing this right?
Can you see me tonight
Can you help me dear life?
And I know that I can't understand
What you hold in your hands for me
Dear life
Love will change you
No matter if you stay with them
You'll never be the same again
You've shown me magic
Highs I've never felt before
Memories that I thank you for
From deep in my soul
Dear life, am I doing this right?
Can you see me tonight
Can you help me dear life?
And I know that I can't understand
What you hold in your hands for me
Dear life
I'm a survivor
I'm a survivor
I'm a survivor
Dear life

Sometimes it hurts you
Maybe it's a lesson learned
To bring my feet back to this earth
To find what's real

Dear life, am i doing this right?
Can you see me tonight
Can you help me dear life?
And i know that I cant's understand
What you hold in your hand hands for me
Dear life

I'm a survivor
I'm a survivor
I'm a survivor
Dear life
i am dying wanting to go to her concert this year. kalah feeling nak pi tengok miss Gomez. haha. i seriously think that it's her hair yang keep blowing me away. new girl-crush i tell you. eh, actually not new. been loving her since Innocent Eyes and Lost Without You in 2003.  haih la Delta. you me same hair volume. but yours cantik macam singa keluar salon kepok-kepok and mine macam singa baru lepas keluar dryer machine.

i need to do more hair treatments. pronto.


:: my Sempoi rezeki ::

Salam Ramadhan. i know it's more than half-way through but tetap nak wish. i dont care. hehe. finding time to sit and blog properly is such a headache lately. i sometimes think i lost track of time hence the salam-ramadhan-dihujung-almost-bulan but most of the time im pretty sure i keep everything well planned. and obviously, plan tak pernah menjadi. oh well. life.

what made this Ramadhan different from before was the fact i was given the opportunity, Alhamdulillah, to be a part of an awesome cult. okay kidding. takde la cult....gilo kau! it's more like a friendship-team collabration. we did Sempoi Iftar 2016 and created Sempoi Charity dengan secara tak sengaja. you know how sometimes orang cakap borak kosong means nothing? i beg to differ. our borak kosong menjadik wehh! i feel very grateful. truly i am.

Sempoi Iftar 2016 was a majlis buka puasa with anak2 yatim Rumah Tunas Harapan Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Kuala Selangor. before iftar sesh besides doing some activities, we bawak the kids shopping baju raya. then after selesai berbuka and all, we had a short bunga api time with them, super fun and super heart-warming seeing their happy faces. even the teachers had fun. hehe. we also went to HKL's Kids Cancer ward to give out some goodies and lauk berbuka for the children, their parents/family and doctors and nurses kat sana. the day was just perfect for my Sempoi Charity team. alhamdulillah. thank you to friends who donated for the cause. you know who you are. thank you from the bottom of my heart. :)

i remembered chit-chatting with LVDV a while ago. i said this year, teringin nak get involve with charity. little did i know, i had a chance to organized one with a group of friends. aint life is full of surprises eh? God works His way miraculously in menunaikan ones hajat. syukur. and the best part of this is that we are not just gonna stop for only one event. we will inshaAllah, continuously  work together and contribute back to the needy. semoga dipermudahkan segala urusan oleh-Nya. aamiin.

an on-going thing we are doing every 1st Friday of the month is giving food to the homeless around KL area. if ada anyone yg interested to join as volunteers or nak give donation of food/toiletries ke apa, kindly refer to our facebook page: Sempoi Charity k. all infos are there.

tbh, i don't see it before but now i do. rupanya rezeki doesn't come only in wang ringgit. rezeki comes in all forms. rezeki sihat tubuh badan. rezeki dapat luangkan masa with family. rezeki berkawan dengan ikhlas. rezeki kongsi ilmu dunia and akhirat. rezeki sentiasa disayangi orang keliling. rezeki hati yang tenang. gosh...the list could go on and on and on. untuk semua itu, terima kasih Tuhan, now i feel so guilty sebab asyik2 cakap blom ada rezeki this and that. padahal rezeki lain yang melimpah-ruah nie kita perasan pon tidak. the air that we breathe is also our rezeki. daily. bersyukurnya tidak, komplainnya berlambak tinggi gunung. im saying this to myself, mohon jangan terasa. but if the shoe fits. silakan. eh.

i hope, rezeki untuk blogging akan datang lagi. serious case la aku nie. banyak benda dalam kepala otak nie nak say-it-out-loud but tahap malas nak bukak laptop, nauzubillah. nie bulan yang takde setan, so nampak tak genuinely memang the problem is diri sendiri. pffts. before i leave, just nak inform air mangga kat pasar juadah Bandar Kinrara is to die for!!! okbai.

:: Kazakhstan backpackers ::

last Friday was just another Friday for us. bangun pagi, tapau breakfast and head on bukak kedai. me and LVDV then went straight to Publika to do our laundry pick-up. (yes, we do laundry delivery door-to-door okay!) on the way back, we saw 3 backpackers on the highway trying to get a ride. u know somewhere near Pusat Sains Negara tu. we drove by like any other cars who didnt stop. the i blurted out breaking the silence in the car, "kesian diaorang kan? macam takde je orang yang stop" ..LVDV then said "tu lah, i pon pikir benda sama. kita u-turn lah" ...i swear, im so lucky to have a partner who has the same thinking as me. so, we u-turned twice and caught up with them. 

rolled down the car window and asked, "hi. where are u guys heading?" ..one of them answered, "Melacca" and we we're like "okay, we'll drop u off at the nearest bus or train station". the other one then menyampuk " no. no bus. no train. by road to Melaka" ..aku ngan LVDV dah pandang each other. derang nie nak jalan kaki ke gi Melaka? bapak jauh siot! kitaorang terdiam jap. then the only girl, Kate showed us the google map to Melaka. baru paham. they wanted to hitch a ride to Melaka! pikir punya pikir since we were heading to back to Bukit Jalil, dropping them off kat highway Sg. Besi was the best option la nampaknya. so, naiklah berhimpit jap dalam kete the 3 of them. 

as usual, ill do more of the talking. interviewed them a bit. fefeeling reporter jap. they were backpackers from Kazakhstan. it's their second week in Malaysia. they've covered many places since they arrived. Salah satunya was Taman Negara in Pahang. aku pon blom sampai lagi wehh! basically, they travel samada tumpang orang or by foot. imagine they've been to Cameron and Penang. gigih. serious gigih. they're heading to Melaka and then back to KL then to Penang and then to Thailand. they aim to cover the whole of South East Asia in 6 months. how fun is that? 

me and LVDV got totally inspired by them. kalau ikotkan hati, let's just sell off everything and travel the world! i wish!!!! but at the moment cannot laa.. gila kau. business is growing. reality check skit. cannot just drop everything and leave ye tak?? nevertheless, travelling is still our main goal. seriously we cant wait for our next adventure. backpacking and all. i think our fate to meet up with the 3 backpackers was just a sign for us. stop planning properly. just go where your feet will take you. or in my case, where the car/plane/bus/train will take you. i dont have proper shoes to walk jauh-jauh. LOL. but also cant help to think that if ever we needed a ride while travelling, ada tak rasanya orang tolong? shall we try? eh.

of course i made friends with them. of course i exchanged contact numbers. and of course la they are already in my instagram list! hahaha. still excited that we had a chance to help them out. and still thinking how tempting it is to travel and experience life and other culture. before leaving them with their mission to Melaka, we sempat snap a picture. if ada rezeki, harap jumpa lagi. inshaAllah. :)

please ignore my Friday no make-up look. giler sembab muka. 

:: aunty june ::


this conversation took place about an hour ago. 
but aku still blom move on gelak.


that's my Maksu by the way.
and this is pretty much quite a normal dialog between us.
terus hilang mengantuk aku petang-petang nie. haha.

if u wanna see her in person, 
sila lah jenguk Meet2Eat at Laman Selera Stadium Kampung @ Kg. Baru.
she's there everyday. sebut je Maksu.
orang yang paling blur kat situ - that's her. LOL.
im yet to blog about her food-place. selalu lupa. bila teringat about it usually pinggan dah licin.
soon laa ekk? but everyone can follow their ig @meettwoeat k!
nak sambung gelak about Aunty June sat. bye!

:: sepapats - wedding ::

ever since with LVDV, my "cousins" has grown into a bigger family-tie. i often refer them as my sepapats. last weekend, one of them tied the knot! alhamdulillah... majlis went well. and by well i meant everyone behaved so bagus that it was such a smooth sailing event with probably really minor hiccups. but seriously, who knew co-hosting a wedding was such a hectic thing! (we totally knocked-out after majlis.haha).

macam biasalah, selaku sepapats yang paling matured, i had my kememe moment during akad nikah. since we're on the groom-side, elok je Tok Kadi said 'sah.alhamdulillah' and angkat tangan for berdoa...aku angkat tangan tutup muka sebab ayaq mata dah takleh nak stop mengalir. haha. pusing muka sket nak coverline konon then ter-tentang mata ngan one of the Aunt, she terus nanges plak. adoiii...mama nieeeee. at least she had a tissue in her hand. i just had to belasah my tudung lap hingus. -_______-"

we had a whole year of planning....and if u read our whatsapp group conversation, confirm tepuk dahi. sebab nak decide color for baju reception je took us nearly 3 months to decide. i kid u not. hahaha. maklumlah we had more sepapats girls than sepapat boys. paham-paham je la ekkk.

from the bottom of our hearts, me and LVDV feel so happy for Faiz and Aqmar. still remember the first time we had their 'wedding-diskusi' at our house. i cooked and we had a loooong discussion. daripada rumah over blackpepper udon bawak sampai ke Asia Cafe over lala kecik. from dewan majlis venues ke door gift issues. we had that list (and berlambak referral magazines) u know. LOL. one meeting after another...days passed. weeks passed. months passed. now they're married! phew!

my doa for them is to forever care and love one another, masa susah and senang, masa sakit and sihat. may they always have each other to talk to about everything under the sun. may they sleep in each other arms even after they have lotsa babies. hehehehe. aamiin.

now, another wedding is coming up exactly 11months from now. another sepapat. erm, first of all, i think i need a new tailor and second of all, can we start discussing the color first korangggg... :P

:: rindu ::

i fell in love with the song.
we had to drove 2 cars for a few days so it's pretty normal when i drive alone, my playlist will be the one yang teman me. radio off. and this was on repeat.
nak kata rindu kat LVDV yang tengah drive blakang me karang muntah pulak ye dok? haha. but then i realized one thing about RINDU. 

it's always the first thing.

bila start a new relationship, rindu is the first thing kita rasa dalam hati. kita rindu orang tu if tak jumpa or call or text. bila ada rasa rindu tu laa..we feel as-if we're in love. sebab rindu will make u realize adanya feeling sayang tu.
bila the same relationship is on the rocks, rindu is the first thing yang akan hilang. kita takkan rasa apa-apa when the person is in absence. kita tak heran langsung pon actually. sebab kita dah tak rindu at all. no rindu no relationship. that's a fact.

rindu is a serious matter. 

have u ever rindu someone sampai nanges? one of my friend recently called me and cried over the phone, sebab rindu this guy she was very close to katanya. the moment her voice cracked and confessed to me about it, i knew her feelings was for real. rindu yang dah jatuh sayang.*sigh*

another friend i think totally lost her rindu feeling towards her partner sebab all she ever mentioned was how she prefers to stay at the office even after office hours. she said she has no feelings anymore but actually there's nothing at home for her to rindu-kan about. *sigh*

rindu is a powerful feeling.

sebab tu la agaknya when it comes to soalan-soalan like "u rindu ex u tak?"..the jawapan of either yes or no boleh jadi bahan gaduh. haha. sendiri tanya sendiri sentap. wtf. when you're in a relationship, bila rindu is more than love, then you're in a big trouble missy. that's where insecurities comes in and mess with you. your rindu feeling is so powerful sampai tak tahu nak bezakan realiti and history. 

tapi ada juga some people walaupon orang tu depan mata pon dia rindu. camno tu? for new relationships, like mine, i think it's called the process of falling in love. gittew. new kah? bhahahahaha. but seriously, it is a part of strengthening the love. so the love feeling will eventually be more than rindu. but too much pon tak elok sebab to be overdosed of anything is memang tak elok. susah nak explain but it is as it is. i think you'll understand what i mean. 

the song i posted has nothing to do with the blogspost pon.

:: mudah terhibur ::

i was told i am a person yang mudah terhibur. when it is a work-related issue, please read as easily distracted. as much as i want to deny it, i will not. sebab memang betol gua memang mudah terhibur pon. haha. but this got me thinking...

u see, just because i don't have any office to go to or i work at hours yang suka hati or i choose the days i wanna work or not...people tend to think i don't have any job. technically memang i don't have a job,i have a business. there's a difference u know. i work for myself. build my own business. i don't work for orang lain. or work under anyone. when it comes to involvement of orang lain, it's more like i help other people's business. that's what i usually do. one year after another, i swear...people misjudge me about my work or no-work issue is seriously starting to get on my nerves. 

one of my weakness is i tend to grab any opportunity that knocks on my door. when i say any, read as all. be it from baking and selling cupcakes to jual kebaya to doing MLM or whatsoever. i have a habit of giving my time to people who tries to convince me in something. tahu tak about that one person who signs up for everything? that's me. one time masa dekat kedai, there was this girl and boy who came and approached me for NKF. it started with "kakak ada 10minit to spare kejap tak?"...10mins later, aku dah siap sign borang diaorang. mudah terhibur kan? then before leaving the boy asked my permission to take a selfie sebab it was his 2nd day at work and i was his first signed-up. made my day siot. *smiles*

so easy with me kan? if it is interesting enough, ill try it out. if it brings me good rezeki, then alhamdulillah. if it doesn't, ill just move on to the next fellow with the next opportunity. hence, mudah terhibur katanya. i seldom have that menyesal moment/phase. maybe sebab i truly believe everything happens for a reason. one recent event, i lost some amount of money. it was for an investment purpose but it turned out somehow wrong and there's like no-way im getting my money back. u have no idea how much anger i have in me but still i tak menyesal. sebab the incident introduced me with this hardworking kakak who lost RM31k over her own bad judgement in business. that totally made me felt guilty dwelling on my few thousands. akak tu mampu redha, why shouldn't i? right? then baru terperasan, in return what i got was inquiries for bigger groups untuk #MGPA. mudah terhibur works in so many ways, it's just matter of perasan dengan tidak je. 

what im trying to say is, my mudah terhibur weakness is also my strength. i know myself better. i grow to be someone who i wanna be and works towards what i want. it teaches me not only about business but also about the people i deal with in business. it helps my business network to grow. it makes me wiser. cewah. so after all, i think it's okay sebenarnya kalau mudah terhibur pon. at least ada la jugak hasil. ye dok?

:: i feel you MOK ::

"tak pe laa sayang. kalo u gemok pon i sayang kat u"
i wanted to slap LVDV's face. -_____-" such a cliche sentence. this was after berairmata dia gelakkan aku sebab i said i feel fat. LOLs.

just to make things clear. i was NEVER kurus pon. im already at the state of redha accepting the fact 'kuruih' will never be in my dictionary. im very voluptuous and curvy. recently, i just added chubby and double-chin to my list. pffts. now, makin menjadi-jadi plak which lead me to say i FEEL fat.

since i believe in karma a.k.a whatever u say might come back and hit u in the face, so i think for the past few months maybe ada la aku termention some names who looked chubby-er than before. i swear im sorry for calling you 'Mok' Asha...it was your brother's idea actually. :P  

it started when recently i felt some pain kat area lutut. (there's also kisah lutut which made LVDV laughed harder. hoh!) been mentioning it to LVDV but dia busy giler with the mahjong game dia baru discover. a few days back, a red patch appeared on my skin and mulalah aku gelabah nak mati. my family history ada je yang sakit lutut sebab banyak berjalan or badan too heavy. obviously reason yang first tu tak valid la kat aku kan? bhahaha. so the second reason was haunting me. i started visualizing myself in wheel-chair and all. siap pikir macamana la nak masak lauk2 yang take longer than 30mins to cook if i cannot stand lama-lama. oh no!! 

irrelevant right? i know. LVDV slalu cakap, perempuan memang tak releven. im one of them now. *tepukdahi*

im still thinking a way to betolkan this feeling. you see, i didn't say i look fat. i said i feel fat. so first things first, i should stop all my teringin-wishlist. let's put a hold on that. next, goodbye air manis and hello mineral water only. then, it's time to change my daily menu. healthier, less salt, less sugar, no preservative, no carbs kinda food. i sound like a Kenny Rogers iklan plak dah kan? oh well, Jez owes me some recipes. i shall haru dia..hehe. kita start tiga nie dulu la ek! just in case you're wondering why i didnt list exercising...in my defense for now, i dont have proper shoes. (sold my Reeboks a couple of years back) but ill do my squats while waiting brushing my teeth. okay kan? kan? wow. such heavy commitments. im already starting to sweat. phew.

let's give it a go for a month starting tomorrow. konfiden tu penting orang cakap. 
good luck lah Tania oii...but in the meantime...


:: im in good hands ::

a friend once scolded me for having 'nothing-in-life'. at that time, i was unemployed (quit my last job), i was having relationship issues (major unforgiven behaviour. bitchy me eh? LOL) and i was 32 but i looked like someone who is 45. teruk giler. i felt shitty inside yet being an honest friend she was, her tarbiah wasn't helping at all. i had #GGBEBS but it was managed by Sue so she said that didn't count. i didn't have a house of my own. i didn't have a car of my own. i didn't have a job. i was practically living but not happy. she scolded me like any other bestfriend would. you know, rubbing into my face all the things i didn't wanna hear. comparing them to hers and other friends. i hit rock bottom. did i mention this was on new year's eve?

i didn't cry. i said thank you and hugged her before we both went to bed. i didn't sleep at all that night. i keep thinking about what she said. asking me to decide what i want in life. memang la aku krik-krik moment wehhh...im a Gemini. i never know what i want in life (literally speaking)..haha! that friendship bonding moment we had was one of the strongest i ever felt. now, we're no longer friends. i think she disapproved who i chose in life. haha. we drifted apart and masing-masing dengan life masing-masing.

i didn't have any regrets back then. because secretly i knew i just had to hit rock bottom. faced my problems and fix myself on my own term. i chose who i wanted. im still with the one who i wanted. i got lucky i am loved incredibly. 

i still don't have my own house. i never even wanted to buy any in Malaysia anyway. i still don't have my own car. im flexible and any mode of transport is fine with me...what i have now is Luvtanya Enterprise. it's already my third year doing tourism business. (i shall write about it soon!!) alhamdulillah...we travel often. so far LVDV is my best backpacker-teammate. dia carry the backpack, i carry myself *flips-hair* hehe. it's been awesome being my own #GIRLBOSS. amazingly more business to come in the near future. inshaAllah. 

life has been nothing but great. LVDV is with me all-the-time. we help each other in each other's business. (yups..dia pon boss sekarang. who knew eh?) it is not as perfect, of course la ada hiccups but as always, face those problems and work something out. my favorite time of the day with LVDV is anytime when it involves hot coffees and discussing about US. love, life, plans and other fortunate events. how we both are looking into the same future direction. ignoring everyone else and just be in OUR world.  i am grateful that i am in good hands. 

so to my dear friend, i really don't know if you're gonna read this (but some of your friends will), i never forgot what u said. that's the only part of you that i have hold close to heart all these years. i think i dare to say, i have made u proud. u know, if we were still in touch. shessh..we could've travelled sesama pon! sayangnya it's not your rezeki for me to share my part of rezeki with. as much as i want you to be my forever friend, i have accepted the fact u only existed for a reason. nevertheless, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. 

:: im alive ::

two post away. then it's February dah. how time flies...errr. now let me tell u my progress 48 days into 2016. i got myself a Snapchat account. bhahahahaha. progressing right? 

3years ago, Aishah asked me to download the apps. my first visit to Sydney masa tu. but i did not do it. why oh why. could've been the pioneer kan? shessh! if ure gonna ask why i created an account, dengan jujurnya ill answer probably im sick of facebook and instagram. make sense right? i mean my timeline sucks big time most of the days. so far Snapchat is kinda fun. more like a daily vlog. since it's real-time posts, it's really entertaining actually. kemonnn...watching RubyRose live updates. haih..such an eye pleaser! 

ive catched up with some people on my list from previous post. best! i mean, meeting up n catching up with people is an eye opener. had a reunion last week with my SPM-batch from SMTBM. all mommies (except me)..i surely learned a lot about breastfeeding! hahaha. plus after years of separations, everyone grew up and actually turned out to be successful dalam bidang masing2. Alhamdulillah, for someone who has so many schools, i have more reunions to look forward to. at times, LVDV will be like "reunion ngan skolah mana plak nie?" hehe.,can't help it. kalau bukan jadi orang yang attend, ill be the person yang organizing it. 

im also back to blogwalking more often. i swear it's for the sake of my own motivation. don't get me wrong, i love blogging but apa yang ada dalam kepala otak nie are all sensitive issues. kalau aku blog kang kene kecam. camno? i used to be that kind of a blogger. USED TO. not anymore. akak dah insaf. cewahhhh. u wanna see me swearing at times? follow my twitter. lolz,

but on a serious note, i registered my own company today. i am my own #GIRLBOSS. alhamdulillah. so happy with myself, blanja diri sendiri cream-cheese brownies right now. boleh gitu? haha. today, i dont give a shit about others...it's all about me being happy with me. life has been good (despite the economy meleset issue) and i am thankful for everything and everyone who has been with me. i wish you all an abundance of joy in life. inshaAllah.

til i find time to blog again, here's my fav video of the week. i never recovered from singing her "I'm Alive" version kat Firezone Citta Mall last month.*drinks-up-air-asam-jawa*

:: rekindle old friendships ::

its been a week plus in 2016. nothing is as planned. for myself at least. hahahahaha. i have mysteriously been affected with syndrome let everything just go with the flow. in which gave a result of a very malas and un-organized me. wtf. i am struggling to follow my own rules but with much patience and discipline i might just succeed. lulz.

started this year with my bunch of good friends. u know the kind of bunch whom love u as who u are. the kind that discuss topics from love stories to yummy food and recipes to try to why ekonomi akan terus meleset this year and what shall we do about it. the kind who reminds you about life savings and about why selalu perlu be the better person no matter how some people will always hurt you. also not to forget, this is also the bunch who is still puzzled over a Vincci handbag. (bhahahahaha!) this topic we may or may not let go...but i personally akan ingat sampai mati.

was just talking to my #bestlovefriend Sue the other day. told her i was thinking this year, i want to rekindle old friendship. u know, the ones who are in your class during skolah rendah or the ones whom you struggled SPM exams with. not to forget, the ones whom u have memories masa zaman pergi clubbing dulu or the ones u met at an event and has kept in touch just via facebook. no harm to go for kopi2 right? pretty sure it will be an amazing time to just catch up and share life-stories and network on business. that's an idea im gonna try and do this 2016. inshaAllah. but wait, if ada the ones yang dulu ko memang rasa nak maki/caruts/ludah or whatevs, yang itu tak payah la dik! let bygones be bygones. let them stay as hi hi bye bye friends.

but before all that my list (from last year...yikes!) includes meeting up with soul-sister Shazna (and Azlin!), bestie Rai (and Ida!), Hans Nana n their lil RHs, darling friend Maya, preggy bff Fizah, goodfriend Chitra, BM16 batch unimates, pretty teacher Waida (and Sue), skoolmates SSAT Kirin Fizah Didi n Af, skoolmates mommies Annie n Acha, sayangness Mell n the gang...and the list goes on and on. thank God for 365days a year. we shall find a day for everyone. inshaAllah. if anyone wants to come over and makan2 at my place, ill gladly cook for you!! there's a list of recipes im dying to try one despite the fact i should actually be on diet.

sebut pasal diet. let's talk about exercising...................*krik.krik* okbai.

:: #moviereview Langit Cinta ::

let's start 2016 with a movie review shall we?


after watching Dilwale, LVDV request nak pergi tengok Langit Cinta. sebab ada Fazura. *rolling-eyes* blom sempat nak krik-krik i said NO. it was almost like an auto-response thingy u know. haha. but then suddenly, my whole ohana wanted to go and watch. -________-" to my defense, i followed the majority. so there you go, took up the whole N row in TGV on the very first day citer tu kuar.

it's a love story in Pulau Perindu. lovely island. beautiful sunset. pretty Jah (Fazura) lives with her blind mother (Kak Ogy) and are childhood friends with Budiman (Farid Kamil). one day came Alif (Keith Foo) with his poyo dad. wanted to conquer the island but end up Alif fell in love with Jah. wpon ditentang family, they still got married and of course did not lived happily ever after.

nak dijadikan cerita, on the day Jah knew she was expecting their baby, Alif had to leave the kampong sebab his poyo dad was ill. he left in a hurry which lead to an accident on the mainland. thus, berbulan-bulan sampai la si Jah bersalin n all, Alif was MIA. rupanyaaaaaaaa......kalo aku citer memang korang takyah gi tengok langsung lah, hahahaha. therefore, go support our local film!  

jalan cerita, okay laaa. casts, okay laaaa. OST, superb. hello, Dayang kot! 

like any other drama-movies i will cry. this one also i cried. bila suara Dayang keluar, i cried harder! huwwaaaaaaaaaaaaa.......tak bawak tissue maka memang lencun la sleeve baju i ols. two parts to be exact, both parts due to Ogy. make sure u bring your tissue packets ladies! 

i dont think u will have an angau moment over Fazura (unlike Kajol in Dilwale....*girl-crush giler babs*) but lagu Dayang will be the next favorite break-up/love song. trust me. 

moral of the story?
perempuan memang akan tunggu for the love of their life no matter how long they must wait....and sometimes after all the efforts and love u show, u will still be in the friend-zone circle. i feel sorry for Man n Suzanna. *sigh*