:: starting early for 2016 ::

i re-read my first post for this year and i was 18days late. pffts. i decided to not let it happen again so therefore i am 48hrs (plus/minus) head-start for 2016. so proud. start early. so not me. haha.

so, 2015 was simple yet significant. as i wanted it to be in my 2015 new year post. banyak benda yang tak plan menjadik tapi as usual lagi banyak yang di-plan tak menjadik. i guess that's what you call a balance in life. apa juga rezeki yang didatangkan, syukur alhamdulillah. apa juga yang tak best tu, i try my best to learn something out of it. 

the saddest part about this year, was the passing of nenek in September. i swear somewhere in me havent moved on yet but i stay strong cause i know she is in a better place. i don't talk much about her since i get teary-eyes easily. masa b'day arwah recently, lil bro did a simple video compilation for the family. i cried sampai bengkak2 mata. im am THAT penyedih. nothing like arwah yang strong will. the only thing i probably dapat from arwah is her yummy recipe dishes. proud to say i can cook similarly like hers. and dulu etime she eats what i cook and say 'nenek suka Nya masak macam nie. good good'..aku la cucu paling bangga. alamak, airmata dah bergenang.*tarik nafas panjang* al-fatihah nenek...*sobs*

a not so sad part, losing friends this year was EASY. kau biadap. kau boleh pergi jahanam. gituh! at this age, i befriend people for their honesty in friendship. kalo ada perangai hasad dengki, perangai tak puashati, perangai baik depan2 tapi kutuk blakang2, nak perli2, nak up status fb, nak quote war, nak merajuk macam kiddie...please bear in mind aku tak kuasa nak layan. if u think i hadap nak berkawan with people like u, then im sorry, u thought wrong my friend. LVDV is one person who doesnt like making friends and now i think i start to understand why. some people are just not worth it. 

i traveled a few times this year and planning to travel more next year. hehehe, kalau economy mengizinkan laa...im expanding my muslim ground tour business to New Zealand, Abu Dhabi and Korea next year, inshaAllah. anyone interested to travel in groups can email me at tania.mgpa@gmail.com. ill probably give good prices for my blog-readers. hehe. 

2016, im looking forward to more blog-posts (i know i say this EVERY year). more money making business. more amal sedekah. more time at home (hello ohana!). more bonding with families and friends. more knowledge not only for dunia but also for akhirat. more being a better me. less time on the phone (LVDV is gonna be happy i said this). less drinking cold water. less eating carbs (goodbye fries!). less complaining. less online shopping. these are not resolutions tauuu, these are...err, guidelines? 

last but not least...to all humans and kitty cats, Happy New Year 2016! 

:: 25th Nov ::

this year 25th Nov was a bit quiet i must say. a few days earlier there was a request for it to consist only 'YOU&ME' ...aiyaaaaa. habis plan aku. *tepukdahi* but i calmly replied with a smile. of course. what else. i almost blurted the whining "but whyyyyyyyyyy" gesture. u know, with addition of battling eyelashes and all. but that didnt happen either. with all the seriousness in the voice-tone and all. smile Tania. smile. and say, 'okay'.

and the day went by as smooth as ever. quiet and smooth. total quality time together which i think it was due to perubahan umur or something. but amazingly, i think it was all that we needed. that time. that moment. that togetherness. that love. that understanding. that we are looking forward to more quiet birthdays celebrations together. we have each other and that is all. 

cliche giler tak? 
memang. but so what? it's true. paling awesome, i got a million of thank yous after that. and THAT was all what i needed. :) ..and owh, Happy Bestday Kamoo! #muahciked

:: bongoks giler ::

u know what makes me smile? having a bestlovefriend like Sue. 
she posted this on my FB wall recently...

i love you mucho too babe!

sweet kan?
me and her, we've shared a million stories i think. if not maybe more. some sad ones, some happy ones, some angry ones, some disgusted ones, some over the top ones and some totally P&C ones. talking to her eases my soul. keeps me sane. she never says what i wanna hear (typical scorpio). kalo ada pon, that's totally courtesy je untuk sedapkan hati aku 5minit pastu sebijik setepet dia kasi. huwaaa. nevertheless, i  still love her mucho!

then i felt anxious. if she posted this which obviously with the help of FB memories reminder, mana reminder aku wehh?!?!? i waited. and waited. and waited.
wtf?!?! bongoks giler.
dalam banyak2 pictures, they just had to compile this one?!?!
nak kene carut ke cemana FB reminder nie?


dont ask. okbai,

*vomits rainbow*

:: i forgot to say goodbye ::

usually, she will wait. she will always be there when i get home. but ive been home for almost a month now. batang hidung dia pon tak nampak. *sigh* every day i pray she'll come home. obviously im living in denial right now because everyone in the house knows she wont. 

so i cry. quietly.  

she sits with her head up high. body solid straight. just like a tiger. hence i named her Tiger. dah la garang kemain. memang dia sepuk je sesapa yang dia tak suka. LOL. someone left her depan pintu umah in a shoe box. yes, a shoe box. kotak kasut princess if im not mistaken. i had no cat milk so i feed her with susu full cream Dutch Lady. amik kau sihat walafiat. 

she stayed with me in good times and bad times. ada extra rezeki harus i share it with her. usually on vitamins or good premium food. once or twice hantar pergi grooming, never to the vet. i told u she was sihat walafiat. not kidding wehhh...

she gave me many babies. most of them i gave away for adoption. to make other friends happy. she understood everytime i gave away her babies. ill talk to her nicely. she will just look back at me. understanding. 

sometimes i refer her to Mak Bonda. sebabnya dia macam mak kepada yang lain. any baby kitten she will feed her milk even it's not hers. lebih kurang macam aku je yang suka feed people food eventho i tak kenal. hahaha. gosh. so alike eh? and she cares macam anak sendiri. tido berpeluk kadang-kadang.

then i left for Sydney. hari yang paling kelam kabut in 2015 for me. and that was my biggest mistake. for almost 9 years having her around, that one particular day i forgot to say goodbye. im sorry Tiger.

least i know, that unspoken goodbye was a permanent one. 

and now, mommy misses u so so much... :'(

:: private ::

ive been trying to find some good topics to blog lately. kan kengkonon nak get back on track. then i realised, i have none. how weird is that? then i realised another thing, i also hardly post instagram photos too. wtf?!? what is becoming of me???

nak kata there's nothing interesting happening in my life, that will be a lie. i have stalkers and haters beb. gila kau claim cenggitu? haha. they look forward to whats happening with me. i laugh or i cry. im happy or im sad. they wanna know. eh wait, they know. stalkers kan. but that's besides the point. ive come to conclude i think ive become a private person a bit more for the past months.

ive been travelling. ive been focused on business n opportunities. ive been attending events. ive been watching movies. ive been spending time with my ohanas n my lafamilia. ive been outing with only close friends. im all the time with LVDV. and yet i dont wanna share any of it on social media that much. shessh. that's new. for me. bhahahaha.

but i think, facebook did this to me. almost EVERYONE on facebook is sharing their life online. sampai one point, im too busy reading up whatever everyone else is doing sudahnya aku sendiri malas nak share what i am doing...make sense? now dont let me start on instagram. kalau satu event one is attending and posted about 47 pictures of it...almost feels like im there u know. havent they heard of collage? what? never? okay..unfollow.

but then truth to be told, people change. ive changed. a bit more private...online. and that's okay right? so takde la rasa bersalah sangat bersawang blog aku 6 bulan. haha. i know for sure LVDV would agree on this. dia paling suka kalau orang know nothing at all. -_________-" probably jugak this is just a phase. im self-discovering. im indulging a bit too much in being just an observer kan? who knows?

:: this happens ::

what happens at 3.14am when ure still up doing some extra work?

this happens.

'a little bit of ...TWIX' katanya. im already on my third stick guys. pftts. i should be snacking on carrots right? wrong. im saving those orange-veggies for Bibit. Twix is all i have for now. buying them in K-Mart at the very last minute were meant for nights like this, right? RIGHT. 

noticed anything different? yups. just in case you're wondering, im hiding from mom. hahaha. but yeah, im not kidding. sejak dua menjak both my parents are active online. maka adalah lebih afdal neither of them should bump into my writing, and i needed something new. something to let me stay as luvtanya, therefore Loved by Luvtanya it is. :)

besides, i miss blogging. this so-called new-ish me should motivate me to get back on track. havent u noticed? my last post was in May wehhhh....it's November now for crying out loud. *tepuk dahi* where have i been? where?!?!?!?!?! 6months MIA from my own blog. apakes?

you'll probably read some throwbacks stories lepas nie. haha. u know....stories yang happened months ago. NOT kejadian semalam. it's called 'baling belakang' for a reason. not 'baling semalam'. unless you're the type who doesnt really know how to baling at all. by the way, are hashtags valid in blogging? im just curious. :P

to a much more simpler me who is not getting any younger. holla!

:: our BSB night n after ::

dah third day. im still humming. once or twice or thrice a day i still re-watch their videos. and sing-a-long. ini sejenis gilak!! one of the BESTEST concerts ive ever been to. LVDV was the happiest ever. Kevin asked us to be 15 again that night. but i think LVDV went straight to being 13. ahahahaha!

believe it or not, before concert we went karaoke strictly BSB playlist. kengkonon untuk preparation. refresh balik lyrics and what-not. nampak tak gigih kat situ. lagu yang pernah nyanyi pon hentam practise. tak sia-sia kejadian karoks unplanned itu. almost every song they sang....*smiles*

the boys, i mean the guys..are older. and better. they've been together for 22 years (sama lama ive known LVDV tau!) and still counting. if you've adored them before you will still adore them now. like any normal concerts in Malaysia, asap kepok start kuar atas stage je everyone will just start screaming for no reason. lepas tu...krikk krikk kejap. pastu when the boys..eh, the guys came up on stage......bergegar stadium. on top of their lungs i think. termasuk la aku...haha. masuk 3rd song suara dah hilang. *tepukdahi* 

masuk 5th song, LVDV dah hilang. no longer by my side. gua kene tinggal beb. demi BSB dia gigih sampai ke depan stage. masuk lagu ke 7, Cunie pon hilang. for a few songs, me and #bestlovefriend Sue were single-ladies. ini kejadian yang jarang-jarang berlaku. slalunya tempat reramai cenggini we are being guarded closely....but this time, pandai-pandai kau la nak hidup. nasib baik i didnt mind. i had a few schoolmates on my left side still screaming out Kevin's name. hahahaha.

so.....AJ became very macho. jambang and all. Brian still has that charming smile. Howie D somehow i didnt think he aged at all. slightly sado but still fun! Nick still has that naughty look. acts like one too. he was the only one who lied down on stage trying to take selfie shots with the fans. LOL! ..last but not least, Kevin. forever tall and handsome and handsome and handsome and tall. enuff said. 

a lot of wishes came true for a lot of people that night. LVDV especially. betol-betol dia cherish the moments with BSB. trust me when i said 13 again guys...ahaha. and also for my bestie, Rai. her prayers were answered. nothing to do with BSB tho.

ive posted my BSB's videos in my keek. i know. i still keek. so what? go watch. okbai.

:: #travelloveZ to Lipe with #gengpixies ::

jap. remember i mentioned i backpacked before in #travelloveZ to Koh Lipe last time? this time, backpacked again. only one big bag. i just had my slingbag on. BUT, ku berjaya pujuk LVDV beli another bagpack while we were backpacking! bhahahahahahahahaha. okay fine, i je yg paham benda kelakar nie. let's move on.

so, we were back in Lipe again for the second time! woohoo! kali nie tidak berdua, malah berlapan. haruslah angkut satu geng kan? it was fun i tell u. i learned a lot of new things about Lipe and friendship. like seriously.

everything was kinda well planned. kiranya, sempat menabung sama-sama for this trip. since our first tu trip tak sengaja yet we survived, so the second trip was smoother. agak teratur la jugak for us. from flight to langkawi to snorkeling adventure to melapok main Jenga over banana splits. 

my biggest achievement, i overuled my fear of dogs! hehehe. bangga i. tidak lagi ku berlari sebatu bila nampak mereka sekilometer away. hahaha. senang hidup LVDV berjalan this time. at least i was walking straight. tak bersimpang-siur sangat like last time. tapikan...this thing is probably only valid for dogs in Koh Lipe sahaja. i still have problems with hanjing-hanjing in KL. 

hari snorkeling was the most fun day among all i think. we took a new route which was a different one from last time. snorkelingnya tak sangat pon sebab little did we know, mak obor2 decided to branak and unleash like ribu2 baby jellyfish in the sea. skali dua kene sting was okay...tapi masuk kali ketujuh macam menampar nyamuk dalam kelambu rupanya. hadoiii.....sakit! masuk pulau ke empat...we were all looking dalam air dulu before terjun. hahaha. there was tis time we tertipu. ingatkan the coast was clear...confident masuk air. aku sah2 la siap pelampung kan....skali bila ke tengah sikit...everyone went ouch! ouch! ouch! amik kau macam marathon race naik atas boat balik. hahaha. 

bila bab makan...somehow for breakfast ayam goreng Roti Mina was what we were looking forward to the most and owh, their ice tea!!! this is a new discovery for me. last time bedal mineral water jer...kali ni icea tea, ice tea, ice tea. and i dont drink teh ais u know! woahhhh! i would seriously, seriously return ke Lipe for Roti Mina punya ice tea. *terliuq* 

last day, massage time yang stakat nie berjaya buat my whole body meletops! who knew i could still stretch like once upon a time zaman cheerleading. bhahaha. salute dekat tukang massage, she basically lipat-lipat aku macam kain batik. giler lahhhh....first time. it felt good right after tho. nyenyak tido malam tu. 

my best moment on this trip was watching sunrise with LVDV. breathtaking. it's almost like a must for us to go watch sunrises n sunsets during vacay. my best moment with #gengpixies ... our inside jokes! hahahaha... no more geng pixies guys, it's #ceriah now. thank u Tya! *winks*

:: yellow flicker beat ::

im done with it (ohh)
this is the start of how it ever ends
they used to shout my name, now they whisper it
im speeding up and this is the
red, orange yellow flicker beat sparking up my heart
thanks for pissing me off today.
it made me think.
it self-motivated me to be the better person.

after all, 
karma's a bitch,


:: no monday blues ::

this is not an often thing for us. and by us i mean me and #bestlovefriend Sue. semalam kitaorang outing. and by outing i mean jenjalan with a mission. mencari barang spa.

so as planned, to Sg Wang we go. the last time i was in Sg Wang was more than 6 months ago according to my Swarm App but i think i was there recently with LVDV and Gegurl cari barang jugak. tak ingat bila. dah park dah cari kedai dah beli barang...we were famished. so we decided on sushi and the nearest was Sushi Zanmai in Low Yatt.

daripada atas turun paling bawah. belok kiri tak jumpa. berhenti jap tanya budak kat Aunty Anne's tu and she showed us the way. 'sampai hujung turun bawah dik' ...amboih!?! ko panggik aku adik?!?! woah!! so we did, sampai hujung turun bawah. tak jumpa. turun bawah lagi. takde. naik balik ke kiri plak. jumpa toilet. okay fine..naik atas lagi. terus tanya information counter. can u imagine kitaorang dua ekor sesat nak cari jalan blakang keluar from Sg Wang to Low Yatt?!?! wtf!?!

finally jumpa, i concluded, bukit bintang is not our turf anymore. brapa kali setahun plak aku jejak kaki kat Sg Wang nie haaa..but Sue said 'kita dah tua babe' ...pffts. hello babe, bdk Aunty Anne's tu just called us 'dik' kot. *rolling-eyes* secretly i half-heartedly agreed. kalo takde sebab nak cari barang memang takde sebab nak datang sini pon.

then we had lunch. i drank green tea yg GREEN for the first time. it was yummy rupanya! Gegurl would be proud if she knew. takde lah aku kene bahan dah asyik order watermelon juice bila dine-in japanese. the closest to green tea i had was all those ones yang mix with flavors. u know..those kat Petronas ones. hehe.

then Sue wanted to cari another barang. Low Yatt was the best place. agaknya. so naik atas. atas lagi. atas lagi. atas lagi. tak jumpa. turun balik. then kat hujung of one the escalators we saw what we hunted for. beli. but we needed speakers pulak. naik atas balik. and atas lagi. who know there's like a million USB speakers in Low Yatt? huarghhh...pretty sure we looked like lost bimbos dalam kedai gadgets sampai someone came and attend us. tak tahu lah apa nama abang tu tapi dia baik. showed us around the kedai and recommended the speaker yang sesuai. guess what? he doesnt even work there. dia pon shopper. bhahahaha.

then it was dessert time! since it was noon, ice-cream sounds nice. Sue wanted a hipster place. ada ke ice-cream parlour yang hipster in KL? anyway, we opted for mengopi at VCR je. loved the place, loved the cakes. didnt love the parking though. kisahnya mencari parking berpusing 3 ke 4 kali tawaf tak jumpa jugak. naik bukit uturn turun bukit dengan harapan ada la manusia yang keluar parking tapi takde. sudahnya, we parked atas tepi jalan. kengkonon bole nampak la kot2 DBKL lalu. elok je turun kete, tow truck DBKL lalu tengok kitaorang. but they didnt stop so Sue assumed they've made their rounds. we had our cakes outside at the porch...sambil2 leher panjang macam zirafah kejap2 tengok kete.

borak punya borak. gossip punya gossip. discuss punya discuss. terlupa about the car. when we were almost done...like seriously almost...tetiba ada bunyi siren! melompat #bestlovefriend aku!!..terus capai bag and ran towards the car!! zasss...tow truck DBKL lalu. but it was still empty. i panicked too. tak abis kunyah cake telan je terus. didnt even finished my water and ran ikot blakang Sue. only half way then i realised everything was okay...yang kelam kabut kelibut was only us two! LOL!!

terus balik umah kauuu! 

next time, we cari another hipster place yang senang parking laa okay babe?

:: ponytail ::

bila sorang kat Bukit Jalil, sorang kat JB and sorang lagi in Sydney. 
saturday night and this happened:

this is some sort of a normal sisterly conversation for us. you know in between the po paw penguins and fat cat mat and other discoveries that we are excited to bagitau each other time-time tu jugak...one thing to another then it lead to this:

that's my sister singing by the way.

then it was my turn to You-Tube Badanamu Ponytail.....and tak yah susah-susah. im sharing it here for you guys. im TOO excited. 

comel giler kan?
like comey tersangat amat kan? kan? kan?

"pppppppp ponytail"

yups...i end up singing to my sisters.
then my nephew Aydin sang it back to me.


okay tu je. kbai.

:: #moviereview Cinderella ::

i grew up watching all Disney princesses cartoons movies. im an 80s baby...like hello! so when this came out (or any princessy-movie) i was excited! in my mind, dah embedded with the original storyline...u know...Cinderella waking up singing with the birds, Gus-Gus demok gedempol pakai t-shirt nampak perut, ugly step-sisters sorang kuruih tinggi sorang gemok pendek n her scary rambut uban step-mother who was old. well, she looked really old to me at that age, but nope. nan-hado dalam this version. 

this one, didnt have much singing as i would expect but it's definitely a fairytale. 'have courage and be kind' is Cinderella's mantra. no matter what people do to you, always be kind. and owh, believe in magic. who knows one day in time of need, you have a fairy godmother to the rescue. turning pumpkin into a beautiful golden carriage, mice into horses, rags into one of a kind dresses and flats into glass slippers. i bet in this millenium, she can turn paperbags into LVs. hehehe. minus the bibbati-bobbati-boo! eh!

Cinderella was pretty of coz. the step-sisters were not ugly but omg-annoying. the stepmom was evil-face elegant but she had the prettiest wardrobe. wearing all shades of greens. the prince was very prince-looking. hahahaha, with the hair and the charm. the cartoon version punya prince lagi handsome actually but this one was okay-laaa. my advice, girls if u wanna meet a prince, go and masuk hutan, i think you're bound to meet one. most fairytales ends up like that. into the woods! 

my favorite part of the movie, anytime watching Gus-Gus makan. he always ada food in his hand. comey! and one time the goose busybody jengah tingkap tengok what was going between Cinderella and her fairy godmother. hahahaha. if that was a selfie moment, he was totally trying to photobombed the picture! hahahahaha. but paling paling paling favorite part among all.....was before the movie. the 7mins Frozen moments with Anna and Elsa and Kristoff and Olaf and mini olafs! paling paling paling best sebab habis je i ols tepuk tangan. excited. i felt like i was 5yrs old for 7 and a half minutes. *grins*

well, you'll be leaving the hall smiling. happy ending obviously. i didnt cry watching this...phew! i suggest, have a girls-day-out session to watch this. then after that go for a coffee n cake session n girls-talk away from guys to love to fashion to make-up topics. mesti best! have fun! 

:: #moviereview Run All Night ::

i dont know what is my problem but the last few movies i watched, semua pon aku nanges. dah kenapa kan? i suspect it's a faktor umur thingy but im assuming hormonal imbalance sajo. kuangsam betol.

the other day, screening Run All Night. if ure a fan of Liam Neeson, you'll definitely love this movie. kalau selalu tengok dia selamatkan anak dara, this time dia selamatkan anak teruna. yang botak. and handsome. ehem.

technically it's a one night stand story. literally, memang dia run-all-night. hehe. it's about friendship and family and confessions. like really hard confessions. what got me was the friendship part. i mean, having your good friend dying on your lap..that's tough. especially when u were the one who shot him. oppss..

sengaja or not you will somehow compare this to the Taken series but this is different. sebab for the first time, he started off as a loser. dia tak jahat, just a loser. it took me a while to digest that. i was like...'why are u so weak?!!?'...but the moment anak dia masuk scene, terus sedap mata memandang. walaupon comot2 kene pukul. hahaha. okay fine, i have a thing for botak-men. kau kurang ajar pon ill be okay takpe...you're like kurang ajar n handsome. bhahaha. okay enuff of him, back to the movie....it's action packed all the way so there's no time for toilet breaks tau.

im giving it a 3 stars rating so weekend nie go watch! 

:: #moviereview CHAPPiE ::

do u love robots? i love robots. i think they're super cool. 
well, if u do love robots, you will definitely love CHAPPiE. he's cool and cute! he is also probably the only robot gengster in history. who wears chains. u know, those thug-life ones macam dalam video clip hip-hop tu. yups, he's cool liddat! 

what's so special about this Ai machine is that CHAPPiE is r.e.a.l. and by real i dont mean humanly-real but it's as close as having his own human-like mindset. which means he feels emotions. since he is made out of titanium, CHAPPiE nie kira kat luaran keras tapi dalam hati ada taman...permainan. hahaha..comel giler. when he was activated he had a mind of a lil boy. he acted like a lil boy. he loves books and has a chicken-toy. he was born in a...err....acah-acah gengster family. im not sure if you know what i mean, but nanti dah tengok mesti korang paham lah! >.<

CHAPPiE 's self-claimed mommy is Yolandi and self-claim daddy is Ninja. i believe Yolandi's fashion style icon is Lady Gaga mungkin. her brother Ninja, was one of those kepala gengster yang berlagak pandai padahal ...nan-hado. if i were CHAPPiE's friend, ill definitely try and convince him to find another adopted parents. bhahaha. but CHAPPiE had no choice. they are so-called acah-acah but CHAPPiE loves them dearly. 

now, CHAPPiE's creator is Deon (Dev Patel). he's obviously a genius. he is also CHAPPiE's bestfriend. mungkin. yang tak bff dengan Deon is Vincent played by Hugh Jackman. now he is the not-good-we-no-friend-officemate-guy. he is also the i-jealous-boss-suka-kau-guy jugak. so u can imagine how hateful he is right? phewwww! i had a hard time menerima kenyataan Hugh Jackman as orang jahat. huwaaaa! im so used to his heroic characters. in here he's just like a mat rempit yang sado! pffts! 

overall, robotic or not bila scene sedih, i tetap kememe. apa nak jadi ngan aku nie..some says ending doesnt make sense but in an Ai world, i think it does. it has a lot of F-word and there was a blurred-porno on one of the gengster's tv screen. konon tak nak tunjuk laaa...censored. but hello, u didnt censor the sound they were making! *rolling-eyes* it's rated 18 guys...jangan bawak kids. they will be scarred like CHAPPiE masa budak. hehe. 

it's out this week at your nearest cinema! enjoy the movie! 


:: a thousand years ::

got excited over Christina Perri the other day, so i posted this in my lovedbyluvtanya ig. i mean, my caption was saying the truth right? everyone basically knows that song. and once upon a time that song was dedicated to the person you were with AT THAT TIME. come on, if you're denying the dedication pon, well at least your partner must have perasan syok sendiri it was dedicated to him/her. self-claim gitu. or wish it was dedicated to us. we've all been there. there's nothing to be ashamed of.

then i tweeted this: "bila dipikirkan, mungkin bole jadi punca gado nie tapi...nahh, what a waste of time" ..and LVDV replied me this: "ok xyah pikir2...saya otw!" ..gilo. 

then i realised one thing, we have always been like this. from day one. playful. im pretty sure this part was developed during our friendship days. sebabnya, dulu...bebila akan terjumpa, the moment i see LVDV from a far i have this habit of jalan sambil ala2 skipping ke arah dia. dengan dia je aku buat perangai nie wehh...tak tahu la kenapa. couldnt remember masa zaman skolah i was like that ke tak. hahahaha. dulu jugak, bebila lama tak dengar khabar berita, tiba2 LVDV will call daripada office and berlakon jadi customer service punya orang. u know, just for fun. tanya aku dah bayar bill bulan lepas ke blom? dia kalo tak bully aku memang tak sah budak nie. tapi the moment dia tergelak sket je i knew who it was. pffts! my next ayat would usually be "u mimpi eh semalam?" ...pastu dalam berani tak berani jawab "haah"...ecececehhh! dalam tepon brani arrr!

even-though our status has changed but really there's something really strong about our friendship base which has brought this relationship to another level. seperti contoh, LVDV will never believe i have taken a shower (siot je..) or that im a mix breed of vampire+witch+fairy...kah!kah!kah! i will never believe everytime LVDV cakap takde anjing. sebab sometimes anjing tu ada sebenarnya walaupon it was sleeping. i should not get into much details takot ada yang terbelahak karang but what im hoping is that this playful traits will always be there between us.

while watching the concert, Christina Perri did sang the song. the crowd obviously sang-a-long...including me. then LVDV went "hah! teringat lettew!"..eleh, nak kenakan orang. "eh kau pon sama kan..,twillight was the last movie marathon YOU had".....krik.krik....sambung nyanyi. kan dah cakap mungkin bole jadi punca...tapi we laughed it off after a short while. we both know without the past, there wouldnt be any present moment to cherish and lagipon, who the hell cares anymore? hahahaha. i blanja a short videos i took dalam my keek - @peluvtanya okeh...u ols can go sing sesama. tapi jangan jadi punca tau!

:: #luvcooks Ayam Bercili Nenek ::

every week i have a session of sleep over at nenek's house. we take turns to jaga her through-out the night and early morning, lepas mandikan nenek and serve her breakfast we continue balik to our daily life macam biasa. every week without fail, i dig in some first hand recipes from her as well. bab masak nie i think i am more like nenek sebab i love simple dishes. the lesser the ingredients the better. hehehe. bukan malas ye..tapi anything mudah and ringkas has always been my thing in cooking. and baking too for that matter.

recently, i cooked dinner. sambal udang. actually nenek yang teringin, i just bought the ingredients. we cooked sama2 kat dapur. gigih nak jenguk jugak kuali even in her wheelchair. every week when i come over, if berkesempatan ill just cook something n bawak to her house. last week, dia teringin nak masak for LVDV. i gotta tell u, everytime time (without fail) she layan us makan sambil borak she will mention dia suka tengok LVDV makan. sebab bila LVDV makan sangat berselera. memang betol pon. tapi pelik, LVDV doesnt gain any weight at all. hoh!

so while cooking, i got hold of another recipe. i call it Ayam Bercili Nenek.

chicken cubes or ayam setengah sekor potong kecik2
cili boh or cili giling
bawang merah
bawang putih
asam jawa

how to:
1. bawang merah + bawang putih + halia + air skit ...blend all.
2. mix together with the cili boh/ cili giling dalam mangkuk. tumiskan skali dengan serai sampai naik bau and macam pecah minyak a bit.
3. bila cili almost garing add in chicken cubes n gaulkan rata. biarkan sampai cili garing.
4. masukkan air asam jawa pekat. if nak extra kuah, cairkan air asam jawa. garam utk sedapkan rasa.
5. bila chicken cubes are all empuk, it's ready!

brought some to nenek masa weekend. nenek kata 'ok.pass!'...woohoo!! she used to make this everytime celebrate birthday sesapa or during any kenduri masa kat umah keramat dulu. now, i can continue her tradisi. im a one happy cucu. *big-smiles*

:: #moviereview Focus ::

first of all, this movie is rated 18 for a reason. please do not bring your underage kids if u dont want them to see Margot's titties. *opps! spoiler alert* i mean, Will's hot bod is just fine but Margot is wayyyyyyy hotter! 

Focus is movie about penyangaks. okay kidding. a more nicer word would be con-man. tapi they are con-mans yang tersangatlah ohsem! literally, jaw-dropping ohsem. i mean, if u have an ambition to be one, watch this movie 50mil times. lotsa tricks i tell you. lots. 

but janganlah bijak sangat nak jadi con-man ye tak? the storyline is twisted between work + emotion. how feelings can actually effect oneself in work too. it's about distraction. it's about cheating. it's about lying. it's about trust. it's about letting go. it's about choosing. it's about love and family ( u will not believe who is the dad!) and how zalim u can be bila terdesak. it makes u think. what would you do? 

tagline: it's about focus. the brain is slow and it can't multitask.

dont worry u will not fall asleep watching this. it's a romantic comedy and it's witty. memang keje gelak besides amazed with the chemistry between the actors. i major love every dress Margot was wearing especially the floral one she wore in Bueno Aires. i need that for my beach trip. eh? 

catch Focus at the nearest cinema now! nah i ols blanja u ols the trailer:

:: my lovedbyluvtanya ::

i posted a new year wish on the 1st of Jan and that was it.  everything else was on pending until further notice. then one day kat dalam facebook page i received a message from admin stating someone had reported my fb page as unappropriate. like wtf? im selling preloved clothes for crying out loud. hoh! 

so after resolving the issue and after many days of thinking, ive decided to shut down lovedbyluvtanya......NOT! hehehe..kau gila aku nak tutup my own brand? but some changes are about to happen.

LVDV's honest opinion had me realize that i suck at retailing. bhahahahaha. thank u kamoo...ure very blunt  yet very true. sometimes, menyakitkan hati tapi im sure it's with the best intentions. hahahha. come on, who am i kidding...my bazaar days are over. been there done that. ku membeli lagi banyak daripada ku menjual. apakes? so scrap that out from the list. i did quite okay online via ig but masalahnya...ada plak yang introduce term 'swap'..ish,ish. kesudahannya i often swap daripada menjual. hahahaha. tahu-tahu je LVDV tegur, "apesal i tak penah nampak baju nie before?".."nie bag mana plak nie?"..erks. kantoi. 

so here's what im gonna do next, im just gonna SHARE. that has always been my thing. sharing stories, tips, fashion insights, make-up tutorials, quotes...whatever relevant. obviously things i love. hence loved by luvtanya. if ure my follower (or stalker) on twitter, often you'll see my hashtags. #beautytips laa... #healthytips laa.. #funfacts laa...kan orang cakap, sharing is caring. i care therefore i share. gituhh! 

once in a while i may sell-off my preloved items too. semalam mengemas accessories. tak perasan plak ada banyak. as in banyak gila. everything is over 50pcs. pretty sure i inherent this perangai from mama. pffts. LVDV gave me a caps locks 'NO' when i tweeted about getting some new ones. sobs. see...this is why, skali skala i will sell-off my stuffs. to make room for new ones. eh! but on a serious note, if anyone needs emergency accessories for dinner ke, photoshoots ke, nak gi dating ke or etc, please dont hesitate to buzz me. can pinjam. :P

for now, that's about it. me and my lovedbyluvtanya. feel free to follow on facebookinstagram and twitter ok! 

:: #moviereviews: Dragon Blade ::

Dragon Blade. 
tajuk kental yet i ols kememe tengok citer nie. #tepukdahi
produced by the man himself, Jackie Chan played the role of Huo An. a man who believed in peace. 'turn foes into friends' ...wow. who knew citer lawan2 segala nie was about friendship. salute. 

im usually easily confused with movies yang banyak sangat characters, this one had 36 races in it. kau rasa? tapi main characters were Huo An, Lucius (John Cusack) and  Tiberius (Adrien Brody). Huo An nie penjaga Silk Road befriended Lucius who was saving the cutest prince ever from his evil brother Tiberius. 

mula2 semua pon la tak kawan. lawan sana lawan sini and a sand storm came. Lucius n his Roman troops had no choice but to berteduh at the Wild Geese city, which was under construction. in return of protecting their Roman army who had to fled for help to Parthian Empire, they helped to rebuild the city and became friends. sweet kan? masa celebration la i ols nanges. masa the little prince sang his national anthem ke apa. sedih tauuu...masa Jackie Chan nyanyi i didnt cry. sibuk baca translation. haha. 

it's about making friends, losing friends, helping friends, standing up for your friends and protecting your friends. enemies can also become friends. 'you make a friend today, you'll lose one tomorrow'....deep tau. 

so cuti2 panjang CNY nie takde apa nak buat, go watch la. it's out today. bukan slalu dapat tengok rambut Adrien Brody kepok2...his curls were nicer than mine. hoh. 

:: #travelloveZ to Koh Lipe ::

Let me tell u this, i backpacked.
When i told my #soulsistah Shazna about it, she gave me a big WHAT? and a long HAHAHAHAHAHA. via whatsapp. pffts.

Among the things i learn living with LVDV is to keep things simple. Hence, let’s ditch those luggage bags and go for those backpacks. We did plan and talked about it but never knew we would just... you know, buy tickets and shoot-off. What a start for 2015...phew!

Ceritanya macam nie...

it was our LVDV-day. al-kisah encem boii demam masuk hospital, we had to settle him first. make sure dia ada babysitter. that being done, LVDV terus mcm "jom pegi check tiket bas nak?" ...i agreed. half-heartedly still tapi okay kan saja. with a lot of things happening at the same time, i didnt thought any trip was gonna happen. but i guess we both needed a getaway. and LVDV is full of surprises. well, surprises for me at least. heh.

ada plak tiket basnya. haha. sebat midnight punya trip. it was 2pm, we havent pack anything yet n byk benda nak settlekan before leaving. giler macam amazing race tetiba. i kagum dengan diri sendiri, mampu packing baju secukupnya muat backpack kecik cinonet. downsize bukan stakat pieces of baju ...dengan pieces of make-up items skali tau! challenging betol laa..haha. i said sorry to the brushes that left behind. -.-"

pit-stop at #soulsistah's place antar Betty Bolt (my rabbit) n anak2 ...and one last round of her "i-still-cant-believe-ure-backpacking" laugh in my face. siap cakap good luck. hampeh. Effy and Ameer dropped us at Perhentian Jalan Duta again and off we go heading north to Kuala Perlis. LVDV blom kuar KLdia dah doze-off to lala land...leaving me mengadap phone main game Kim K, blogwalking, facebooking, menceceh kat twitter then sambung game Candy Crush, then Pet Saga Rescue then Malificent then battery tinggal 10%. blom sampai Ipoh pon yet! hoh! while searching for the powerbank, my phone slipped-off and slided pergi ke bawah seat orang depan. who was by the way holding a 3mths old baby yang tengah tido. there's no way for me nak tonggeng amik the phone since it was really sempit and almost everyone was sleeping so.....duduk diam2 kau kat situ nyanyi dalam hati sampai tertido sendiri. padan muka.

did i mention bas tu lambat from scheduled? yes it was. and therefore we sampai Kuala Perlis lambat jugak. missed the first ferry to Langkawi and obviously missed the 9.30am boat to Koh Lipe by 10mins. next ride was at 2.30pm. demmitz! originally, we wanted to go to Koh Tao. so bila pegi tanya orang kat kaunter tiket tu he said "bole...bole...amik ferry pergi pak-bara...bla bla bla bla..sampai Koh Tao esok pagi pukul 5am" WHAT THE?!?!?!? rupa-rupanya that island is on the other side of Thailand. bhahahahahahaha. geografi fail. *tepukdahi* next time je laaa...we'll stick to Lipe je for now. we basically just hang around the jetty laaa... had coffee, pergi makan, pusing2 jalan kaki, tengok orang, makan eskrem, tengok barang, tengok orang lagi..last2 cari port plug sebab nak charge tepon n whatsapped with #gengpixies until it was time to leave.

Koh Lipe was...........pretty!!!!
pretty macam pompuan cantik with perfect make-up and bulu mata palsu semua bagai wearing red lipstick. pretty daripada pepagi subuh sampai la ke sunset. she's like a petite awek cuns. gituh!

immigration took like 5mins. then in the spirit of backpackers-style we decided to scout for hotels by feet. eksyen kau...konon tak nak naik tut-tut. ada ramai je yang panggil2 dekat area immigration tadi. got ourselves the islands map and walk. i had my heart on this hotel called Pitiusas. it was located on the Sunset Beach punya side. tengok dalam map macam dekat ...so jalan laaa...crossed over Pattaya Beach, masuk resort tu kuar resort nie lalu celah hutan....jauh rupanya. mencungap dah aku. the place was the second last resort on the beach so u can imagine how terceruk it is right? plus....ada a bit bukit to climb before the entrance. watch my semput video in keek. i was catching my breath! as lovely as it was.....like i imagined it would be with the patio n all, it was fully booked! uwaaaaaa!!! rasa tak guna nak frust tonggeng, we headed back to Pattaya Beach and settled-in Moonlight Bungalow. murah pon murah and easy access to Lipe Walk. didnt walk this time, asked Pitiusas to call tut-tut. kaki i ols dah nak tercabut! LOL!

if you search kat IG rata2 eone will letak a sunset picture of Koh Lipe. memang laaa...patot. sebabnya it's subhanaAllah punya lah cantik ya ampun. blessed i had the chance to witness it. pulau cantik, sunset cantik...sunrise je tak sempat nak snap. next time maybe. 

Next day, snorkeling time! everyone knows i ols penakut laut. but after this trip, not so much! tour guide kitaorang nama dia Won. best giler mamat nie. he's only 20yrs old and speaks a bit of melayu so it was easy breezy snorkeling with him. LVDV gave him heads up im not a sea lover. so he offer diri jadi i punya driver while snorkeling! hahahaha. equipped me with the goggles and life jacket and what not, next thing he did was pakai his duck feet thingy tu and campak pelampung speedboat  tu dalam air. yeay!!! keje i ala2 macam snorkeling tapi padahal berpaut  kat pelampung oren tu ...Won will lead the pelampung and i will just follow sambil ber-video dalam air. (all uploaded in my keek account: peluvtanya). LVDV follows me at the back merangkap bodyguard. kelas kau ada bodyguard kat tengah2 laut...u know, just in case a school of fish attacks me. hah! talking about fishes, while speedboading from one island to another we saw flying ikan todaks! sooooooooo cool! there was 5 of us in the boat, all 5 got excited siap tepuk tangan bagai. hahaha. in total we went to like 5 spots of snorkeling sampai rasa nak muntah balik air laut pon ada...penat giler! who said berpaut kat pelampung is not tiring huh? 

We were suppose to head back on the third day but it seems we couldnt get enough of Lipe...so we stayed another day. explored the rest of the island..this time pegi jalan ke Sunrise Beach pulak. just had to check-out our April stay with #gengpixies. the beach on this side of the island is way prettier than Pattaya Beach. even the ombak laut lagi kuat...instagram worthy beach i tell u. the whole day all we did was just chill and relax. enjoying each others company. spent some quality time by the beach over thai coffee. such bliss! alhamdulillah! LVDV was the one who needed this moment the most since work was such a pain in the neck for the past few months. last night out, we both had a session of foot massage. best giler. i ols gelak terbahak giler. geli dowh.

Food on the island was slightly expensive but then again so worth it. seafood especially. we had one of the best ikan jenahak masak stim during dinner. giant kerang bakar and  grilled sotong. yummms!!! most of the makan place was halal so that's not much of a worry.

Cuma satu hal je yang tak best about Koh Lipe...they have too many stray dogs. *sigh* im like going thru fear factor challenge everytime i walk on the beach. they are everywhere!! bole kira dengan jari brapa ekor kucing is around...hanjingnya, banyak giler! masa baru2 sampai i had mini heart attacks bila terserempak ngan anjing. LVDV sampai ada skill on how-to-distract-me from the dogs. hahaha. i remember while having dinner on thr first night, a dog just walked by the table. berjalan-jalan plak kau dalam restoran! *tepukdahi* nasib tak tersembur tomyam aku. -.-" and there was this one time, LVDV mandi laut. i didnt want to cause konon nak jaga beg by the beach. while enjoying sunset that evening 100meters away ada 2 or 3 dogs playing. tetiba, tahu2 je i was already halfway in the laut without the bag yg konon aku nak jaga tu sebabnya the dogs came nearer. bangang...ingat anjing tak bole berenang datang kat kau? LVDV LOL-ed me. hoh. tapi kan...they're definitely good dogs la sebenarnya.  tak kacau orang pon.  dia duduk or sleep by the beach. some were attention seekers at Lipe Walk but only mat salleh gave them attentions. i just walk by refusing eye-contact.

overall, we'll be back. definitely. i think im up for it this backpackers style. looking forward to more places in the future. Koh Tao n Koh Samui...soon maybe?!? what say you LVDV? hehe..btw, thank u for the memories Koh Lipe. we return in April with #gengpixies...already counting days! *winks*

:: owh hello 2015 ::

this year i promised to keep things simple yet significant.

happy new year 2015 u ols. kbai.
too simple pon tak leh jugak kan? hah!

if you're thinking 'giler busy pompuan nie' baru sekarang nak wish new year. the answer is i kinda am but i kinda am not. honestly, i didnt couldnt find time to blog-up. lame excuse i know, will work on it this year. hehe.

besides being away during the 1st week of 2015, life has been pretty much pre-occupied. believe it or not, kengkawan pon blom sempat jumpa. not to mention dugaan bila encem-boii (LVDV's car) decided to have viral fever. i believe it takes time to heal so we're not pressuring him so much.

looking on the bright side, i never knew walking is fun (in Msia). been walking often and it feels good. some sort of exercise gitewwww...but the real reason what i love about it is walking with LVDV. walk and talk. stop walking still talking. once in a while aku ala walkathon lelaju sebab ada hanjing main kejar2 kat lorong sebelah. siot ahh.

end of last year, i have a lot on my plate. bring forward this year, still a lot..but in the midst of settling one by one. im a gemini, being focus is not my forte. a lot of re-thinking and re-planning to do. phewww. memang penat otak but rezeki takkan nak tolak ye tak? sebaik-baiknya akan diuruskan, inshaAllah.

overall, im excited for this year!!!! more things to do, more stuffs to explore and more places to go!!! ...and owh, more people to ignore!!! ahahahaha. okay tak baik. sorry. be the better person babe...bestlovefriend would remind me. then i remind her back. thanx babe.

to everyone else, especially my readers (and haters who are also among my readers)...i wish u well this year. and good luck in ething yang korang venture in. whatever you do, have fun n be safe okeh? mwahs!