:: kenduri ::

finally, a kenduri doa selamat with family at sucasa.micasa. shall we consider this our penutup for 2014? hmmm...i think we shall... *smiles*

this year, macam giler sekejap je rasanya kan? tahu tahu je dah hujung tahun. berapa kerat blogpost je yang sempat i ols coretkan dah tetiba nak kene prepare for azam-baru topik. hehe, as if.

last saturday, selepas penat lelah dan semput mengatasi "obstacle" for a few months, we finally dapat tarik nafas lega. semuanya sudah teratur dan diatur dan yang tinggal is only to manage it. alhamdulillah. itu yang terus buat kenduri.

for the first time, kenduri yang proper. kalau setakat makan2 biasa memang dah selalu sangat. but this time it was proper kenduri. i smiled in my heart masa baca doa. Tuhan aja yang tahu how overwhelmed i felt. great feeling i tell you. stared at LVDV's glad face was a heartfelt. the best part, LVDV's family came (aunties, uncles n cosins)..loved the house (and the food. ehem, ehem). nenek also came and terus jadi macam jejak kasih Kg Periuk tetiba,

as usual, i cook. eh, takkan nak amik catering ye tak...that would be an insult! i love cooking and see homecooked happy faces! menu nasi putih, sambal sotong, ayam goreng, sayur brocolli-mushroom, udang goreng kunyit and telor asin. hambik kau...5hrs kat dapur sensorang. which is why i look like crap during kenduri...no make up messy hair-do natural beauty wakluuu.. masa masak last dish, i ols dah sakit pinggang tapi it went away when semua lauk abis licin. mekasih korang-korang! another heart felt moment for me. :)

may we have more kenduri or yang sama waktu dengannya macam nie in the near future. i know i owe my bunch of primary schoolmates sambal udang petai,  geng GBS a BBQ sesh, my bestie RaiZo nasi lemak n sambal sardin, ween & jiran yati a small makan2 session, my 2 fav lil family Nana Hans Hayyan Hannah n  Yaya Ellin Maryam a pot-luck chillout n Jez a box of cuppies. sabar eh semua..we try our best to find time. inshaAllah.

looking forward to 2015 with high hopes. amin!

:: now i understand ::

" the true mark of maturity is when somebody hurts you and you try to understand their situation instead of trying to hurt them back"...tis appeared on my insta TL. i would assume they are still immature and the only situation i would wanna understand is that they are bloody idiots.

u know how rumors travels fast?
not this time. it took a while. yet it was somehow meant to be. if it wasnt for LVDV i would've smack the shit out of them already. okay tipu, im not that brutally of a kak long kawasan type. haha. trust me, i never will be. but u get the idea of how mad i am right?

but the rumors did took place. and it hurt. scarred me quite deep cuma tinggal nak cry it out. but after  deep thoughts, that crying thing is not gonna happen just cause i have so much respect of my life right now. there's so many things happening at this moment...so many things to be thankful for...so many things to feel blessed for..and maybe just maybe, sakit hati yang satu nie is God's reminder for me to always keep my feet on the ground.

"be the better person babe.." my bestlovefriend would always remind me. and so i shall. sudahnya, me kurang marah now. i guess im okay. inshaAllah. now i understand.

it would be a pleasure to plot my revenge but im too old for that now. my time is very precious. i dont have the energy to hate people anymore. apalagi nak membalas apa kejadah. sudah-sudahlah, sedar diri. korang punya hatred is my blessings,..alhamdulillah.

to whom it may concern, ive stopped mendoakan yang terbaik. sebab takde benda baik yang datang from u ols pon. i now pray for your happiness. sebab i kesian.


:: i got married! ::

yuhuuuu...i got married!

my mom in particular is gonna freak out if she knew. tak pon she'll be like "apa laa u ni Nia"...but then benda nie small matter so takyah la bagitau mama ye tak? LVDV was like "u nie dah kenapa nak kawen2 bagai?" ...giler emo. bhahahaha.

i indeed have the tendency to get married secretly. but hello....baju kawen ropol2 je dah 9k takkan tak nak kepochi? hahahaha. and look at my hasben, cap ke blakang and sunglass kpop bro. btw, his name is Jordan.

LVDV selalu bising kalo amik pix i end up mata tutup. im naturally like dat. dalam game pon aku tutup mata. pffts! there you go people, got married in Florence. kelas kau jahh!

ini semua angkara soulsistah Shazna. she got me into this. now im hooked. so far attending photoshoots and fashion shows. skali-skala do appearance at parties. kemain lagi kan? i have a shop, a cat, an apartment and a grand house in Miami. gigih siot.

so far happily married. but i still go on dates with my hasben, si Jordan. oh well, after a couple of years i still even go on dates with LVDV. i still flirt tho (dalam game nie i mean..hoh) but that's just for fun and to get more gigs.

i know. i know. im very gegirl like that. i play Kim K's game n all. before that i was on My Little Pony punya game. angkara soulsistah jugak. i dunno la game apa pulak lepas nie dia nak recommend pastu i follow. hahaha. pengaruh kuat la u bebeh!

if anyone is playing the same game, add me up ok? kita bole photoshoot kat GLAMM sama2 for high-end cover photo. *winks*

will hapdate bila ku beranak plak nanti. kbye!