:: mencari cinta ::

sabtu lepas, i mencari cinta dekat konsert.
(nampak tak statement bakal kene sound dgn LVDV tu? mati gwe!)

hehehe...okay i betolkan ayat. sabtu lepas, i dapat cinta kat konsert. eh?!?! okay fine...sabtu lepas, i pegi Konsert Judika Mencari Cinta. obviously pergi dengan yg dicintai n dikasihi n disayangi. obviously i takpayah cari cinta sangat tapi cari cinta dengan Judika di konsertnya itu perlu sebab....his voice memang buat korang jatuh cinta.

have u heard him sing? live? hawwwmawwwgaddddd....his voice is sick! sickly awesome-nak-mams! u get me right? how am i describing tis? how can u not fall in love the moment he sing.."dengarlah sayangku, tiada yang lain saat ini..engkaulah yang ada dihati, selamanya ada dihati" ...memang macam spoof! kene spell jatuh cinta there and then.

disclaimer: he got married last august. demmitz!

konsert starts at 9pm...we were there since 430pm. gigih mencari cinta kan? hahaha..nahhh, had a quick bbq garden session for bfast cum lunch cum dinner with Dina first. she hosted that night. we had fun behind the stage...selain prank org n taking selfies dgn monopod Dina ngan keeps menyenget..we also attended the rehearsal session for one of the ERAfm winner who got to sang with Judika atas stage during concert. i is jelly!

then post concert was the most important part...supper at Valentine Roti, Jalan Gurney. important adalah sebab Raja Faraa joined! *jaw-dropped* almost felt like miracle it ever happened! hahahaha...i know siot je kan. but what to do..i hardly get to lepak with her apatah lagi pergi ber-supper-dek! sampai terbawak dalam mimpi session itu tau! mekasih babe..for spending some time with us over 2keping roti canai for u, sekeping lagi for me, sup ayam for Lynn, roti tampal n toseii for Dina n Nana, megi goreng ayam for Zach n tak-ingat-air-apa for Ash. she mentioned to supper again soon which i suspect dia nak repeat sebab tak dapat air dalam gelas besi tu...hahahaha..kidding! 

btw, sing-a-long for Judika's songs are all in my keek ...bole pegi jenguk sana. wait, did i mention he sang Isabella with Amy Search too? yups...epic!!!!!!! im still keeping Judika, u ols can take Amy la k?

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