:: #moviereview The Amazing Spiderman 2 ::

i think, superhero yang paling kememe skali so far would definitely be Spiderman. watching the movie screening yesterday adalah dalam 5x kot dia sedih and cried. ye lahhh..dengan nak lawan villains lagi...and nak kesian dekat aunty dia lagi...and teringat pasal parents dia mati lagi...and broke up with Gwen and she had to move to England lagikkk...and then si Gwen....eh, too much info. stress giler jadi Spidey no wonder la dia tak membesar. tidur tak lena, makan tak kenyang agaknya kan?

but personally for me, watching Spidey this time macam takde 'ummpphhh' ...i expected something more. something more....exciting. thrilling. nerve-wrecking. something yang would make go 'NOOOOoooooOOOoooo!!!!' ..the only adrenaline rush i had was following him main lompat sana sini within the buildings. that was fun. macam naik flying fox yang terhoyong-hayang. this time macam takde climax. maybe cause it was mostly predictable. *mata kuyu*

but thumbs up to Electro. Jamie Foxx played this character so well. i almost didnt recognised him. i mean, i wasnt sure if he became a mutant or he had super powers or he was just cursed. bad things does happen to good people. hmmm...and not to forget Harry. Peter Parker's bestfriend. lama x jumpe pon still anggap bestfriend kau si Peter nie. bagus betol...but like any other friendship yang kawan acuh tak acuh..over small matter (a.k.a Harry wants Spiderman's blood) friendship masuk longkang. btw Harry u need to change your hairstyle please...it's so...Nick Carter BSB u know. heh.

nak tahu citer kelakar? like any other Marvel movie..we waited sampai end credit. actually 3/4 of d hall waited until the end of the end of the end of the end credit. gigih kannnnnn....for those watching soon, no harm waiting till the end credit. ada lagu Alicia Keys yang best. And that's about it. gigih kannnnnn.....bhahahaha!

sapa tahu dalam comic nama girlfriend Spiderman apa? it wasnt Gwen Stacy right? *curious*

:: #moviereview The Other Women ::

the lawyer. the wife and the boobs.

now, there's Mark. who has a wife, Kate. who also has an exclusive girlfriend, Carly. who also has a super hot scandal, Amber. and when they meet one another, they became good friends. hence, good bye Mark sila pergi jahanam.

throughout the movie all i could think of was...perempuan tetap perempuan. macamana sakit hati or keras hati or malas nak layan or meroyan or menyampah or meluat or copycat nak mampos or benci sangat or semua yang sama waktu dengannya...we still end up caring for each other. at the end of the day, sedar ke tak sedar, we actually forgive.

ladies please go watch it with ur besties. have a girls day out n include this chick-flick in. watch it with ur man if u wanna drop him some hints of 'tis-is-what-u-get-if-you-betray-me' kinda thing. nasty ending i tell you.

guys, if you intend to stare at some real boobies size D or drool over Nicki Minaj's nice trunk, tag a few friends along n leave girlfriends at home. if she's there with you, staring would be so rude but looking and laughing at the same time would somewhat do the trick of 'coverline' ..teeheehee. if you are currently having a few relationships at once, go watch alone. tis is mati-aku-kantoi movie for you dude.

watching it again soon laa.. just cause Kate reminds me of bestfriend, Sue. hehe.. :p

have fun watching peeps!

:: #moviereview Brick Mansions ::

oh no..i think i missed a couple of weeks punya review...terlupa (with a dash of malas) tapi takpe bila rajin nanti ill just do some write up ok?

so tis week, Brick Mansions is out. clearly everyone yang datang to watch this movie is watching sebab Paul Walker. i am one of those people. semata. pastu bila mamat tu keluar kat screen..sebak! sobs..sobs..

storyline...not bad. start2 citer je ull be impressed by those 'pakour moves' by Lino. dia 2nd hero dalam citer nie. quite smooth lompat sana lompat sini macam main video game. hehe..somehow reminds me of a the movie step up n divergent combined.

like any other action movies, ada good guys and ada bad guys and ada the lagi badder guys. ada one hot chick yang pretty giler n one sexy chick yang suam2 kuku. of course, kawan2 lain yang ramai tak semena-mena.

Brick Mansions is actually a no-go area for rakyat jelata. it's an area where gangsters n mobs n drug dealers n mereka yang sama waktu dengannya berhabitat. none of the rich n famous dares to step in the area. polis paling tak pergi area tu. kalau dalam movies magic2 it's almost like the forbidden forest. gituhhh!

Paul Walker is an undercover cop. a very good n handsome undercover cop. as predicted, he had to enter Brick Mansions with a mission, to disarmed a bomb. from there the truth unveils. sila pergi tengok if nak tahu wat happened. nanti hilang thrill kalau citer sampai ending.

clear enuff nothing beats his car racing actions in fast n furious but as his last movie puas hati tengok him berkali-kali. before end credit ada a moment of silence for him n that was sad. *bergenang airmata*

kalau tak nak nanges buy extra food like me. mengunyah segala macam sampai abis movie. btw, it's the only movie yang ada scene gengster most wanted-nya masak kari mak dia kat dapur island tengah2 living room. kau hado? bhahaha..enjoy peeps!

:: my 1000th ::

90 weeks ago. i signed up.
90 weeks later, i somehow reached my 999th post. giler siot. i mean for orang lain tak giler sangat la but for me, giler siot. and selama ive been posting, ive never deleted not even one post BUT someone did deleted 1 post before FOR me..no wait, for diri sendiri n kawannya juga mungkin. tapi takpe la..post yang itu i redha.

my posts are not for suka2. my posts are not for people...okay, maybe yang ada #mohonterasa or #towhomitmayconcern is. it's mainly for me. for me to remember my moments in life. to remember my feelings on that day. that is why it's only 1 post a day...and if it's more than 1 pretty sure the other fews are to complete the storyline of the day.

pernah ada yang request for me to delete my old posts. as much as i wanna respect that request, unfortunately i wont. partly sebab im one hell of a degil person so i refuse. and another part is because those are my pictures taken with my camera, so dont u think that request is a bit disrespectful to me? it's not about holding on to the past, it's about me cherishing memories. things i keep to myself for MY memory lane. u see, i dont do stuffs like "eh ingat tak time kita pergi...bla bla bla..." jarang sekali i look back n repeat cerita sampai basi. i cherish the moments. that's important to me. i do throwbacks but only on thursdays. hari lain, ngak ada. lvdv promised and proposed me with new memories and so far 16GB is not enough!

if ure my follower, it's usually a rotation of people in my life, lvdv, ohanas, gbs-keramat, friendships, food, #aotd, my kintys n those adorable toddlers yg bukan my kids in my instagram. once in a while, i selfie or have scenery posts whenever i travel and birthday wishes for those close to heart. ..not to forget im a sucker for quotes (daily status posts on fb if u noticed) so yeah...skali skala sumbat post quotes yang ala sapa makan cili dia rasa pedas or yang suam2 kuku sarcastic tempias siap hashtag or yang loving habis ala2 cintaku sampai ke ethopia.

i tried for a while to private my insta but it was no fun so nowadays i private ke tak ikot mood. hahahaha...bole ke macam tu? i know who my stalkers are..so bila i post yet they reply kat their own insta or they tweet siap ada hashtag bagai, i get curious. i also know who my copycats are...at first i was damn furious but after a while, im beyond flattered. if u ols needs a manual on 'how-to-be-Nia-101' please dont hesitate to buzz me via whatsapp. pffts!

and after kegigihan memuatkan all pictures (mekasih photogrid), im dedicating my 1000th post as a tribute it to my 999th other posts. im a happy luvtanya!

:: mencari cinta ::

sabtu lepas, i mencari cinta dekat konsert.
(nampak tak statement bakal kene sound dgn LVDV tu? mati gwe!)

hehehe...okay i betolkan ayat. sabtu lepas, i dapat cinta kat konsert. eh?!?! okay fine...sabtu lepas, i pegi Konsert Judika Mencari Cinta. obviously pergi dengan yg dicintai n dikasihi n disayangi. obviously i takpayah cari cinta sangat tapi cari cinta dengan Judika di konsertnya itu perlu sebab....his voice memang buat korang jatuh cinta.

have u heard him sing? live? hawwwmawwwgaddddd....his voice is sick! sickly awesome-nak-mams! u get me right? how am i describing tis? how can u not fall in love the moment he sing.."dengarlah sayangku, tiada yang lain saat ini..engkaulah yang ada dihati, selamanya ada dihati" ...memang macam spoof! kene spell jatuh cinta there and then.

disclaimer: he got married last august. demmitz!

konsert starts at 9pm...we were there since 430pm. gigih mencari cinta kan? hahaha..nahhh, had a quick bbq garden session for bfast cum lunch cum dinner with Dina first. she hosted that night. we had fun behind the stage...selain prank org n taking selfies dgn monopod Dina ngan keeps menyenget..we also attended the rehearsal session for one of the ERAfm winner who got to sang with Judika atas stage during concert. i is jelly!

then post concert was the most important part...supper at Valentine Roti, Jalan Gurney. important adalah sebab Raja Faraa joined! *jaw-dropped* almost felt like miracle it ever happened! hahahaha...i know siot je kan. but what to do..i hardly get to lepak with her apatah lagi pergi ber-supper-dek! sampai terbawak dalam mimpi session itu tau! mekasih babe..for spending some time with us over 2keping roti canai for u, sekeping lagi for me, sup ayam for Lynn, roti tampal n toseii for Dina n Nana, megi goreng ayam for Zach n tak-ingat-air-apa for Ash. she mentioned to supper again soon which i suspect dia nak repeat sebab tak dapat air dalam gelas besi tu...hahahaha..kidding! 

btw, sing-a-long for Judika's songs are all in my keek ...bole pegi jenguk sana. wait, did i mention he sang Isabella with Amy Search too? yups...epic!!!!!!! im still keeping Judika, u ols can take Amy la k?

:: #moviereview Sabotage ::

my 1st advice about watching this movie is  please make it your last choice. my 2nd advice is make sure korang cukup tido to watch it. final advice, janganlah makan sambil menonton, you'll end up like me, makan tak abis.

i wouldnt say citer nie tak best but i think it was a bit too slow. draggy a bit and too slow. it's everywhere here n there and too slow. u get me right?

it's about a team of DEA, headed by Breacher (Arnold Schwazenegger) who screwed up big time during a drug raid. they lost (or rather like stole) 10mil during the operation. 6 months down the road, Breacher had to do office chores while the case was under investigation. obviously authorities cannot do anything and they were back on the job. after a while, one by one of the team members were killed brutally.

and when i say brutally...you'll be seeing kepala pecah, body parts everywhere, isi perut orang, direct straight tembak in the head, kelar leher, mayat kembong in the lake, mayat dalam peti ais and of course lots n lots n lots n lots of blood. puddles of blood. but on the other side of non-brutal, you'll see boobies. all same size boobies. and a few ass-es. i think it's suppose to help suppress the brutal killings. agaknya la.

jalan cerita takde la cliche sangat but the casts.....ermmm...could've been better. my pov. Breacher dah tua.....kannnn...(but he looked good...facelift kot) so he was a bit too slow for a medium-fast so-so movie. u get me? owh let me warn you, there's a kissing scene between Breacher and the lady-police. ku tak sanggup tengok so i was like "are u kidding me?!? ewww!"  in the hall. -________-"

half way movie i turned to LVDV, "nak balik tak?"....but then again tis is my review. u people might like it. go watch la k? it's out today at cinemas.

p/s: ill try my best to do reviews on every movie screening i go to. suka or not. dulu2 ill blog if i suka only. hahaha..pilih kasih sangat aku nie kan?

:: i will survive ::

sometimes u wonder, how friendship works over the years. between me n Annie n Acha, above picture explains how. they're just like family. that's why our bonding are like sisters. that's why they are my giloss-people. 

who in the world would check status catu air for u pukul 1.36am? Annie would. i didnt ask her to. she just did. and informed us right away. sorry for the bodoh line..hormones pompuan tgh emosi kan..hahaha. masa the whole catu air started, she posted the listing on our fb. cray-cray right? But i guess that's how we show love n care to each other. 

i dont get to see these too as often as i want to. masing2 dgn life sendiri. masing2 busy dgn anak2 (annie has a boy, acha 2 girls n 1 boy n 1 in d oven, me ada 6 cats, 1 hedgehog n 1 baby bunny..nampak x busy giler kat situ?) masing2 ada 24hrs in a day. but we've been in each other lives without fail for the past 18yrs. i have no idea how i survived them. serious. 

who in the world would think Amber Heard is adik to Amber Chia? Acha would. she got pissed Johnny Depp got engaged. i still gelak guling2 looking back at that conversation. sengal giler. check my instagram kalau nak join gelak terbahak. LOL. 

just like family we buzz each other at any time of the day.  sometimes right after subuh, sometimes  before mandi, sometimes tengah pagi buta when eone is asleep. bebila teragak je la! and topics can be  about almost anything including catuan air. 

u know those friends that ur parents warned about when u were in high-school? yup. for me, it was them. but they are the same friends that gives me strenght n support n never left my side, masa susah n senang, masa gelak n nanges, masa ada n takde. the same friends who includes me in their doa's...and for that, i thanked u gals for being in my life. 

ill try to survive another 18yrs.