:: #moviereview Captain America ::

this movie was much awaited.and for that wait, i must say it was best giler. lagi best giler-giler if u watch it in 3D. lagi dan lagi best dan best giler-giler n super giler if u watch it kat IMAX. definitely we're gonna watch it again at IMAX, lvdv cakap.. dia kan Marvel fanatic. :)

starting movie was a bit slow cause Steve a.k.a Captain America was doing his normal jogs. but the moment dia stop lari...i was like..."hish badan kauuuuu" ...berkepak tau! Damn fineeee...but that is not the review. itu point of view. Hehe..

comparing to the first movie, this was definitely an awesome sequel. Notice the penggunaan best n giler earlier? Yups...worth a thumbs up. Jalan cerita biasa la cliche a bit, superhero stuffs...but cliche with a twist! 

they had some additional characters Black Widow n Falcon but nothing beats the super-mysterious Winter Soldier. he doesnt come out all the time but when he does, ull be like..."giler siot dia nie" ...sebabnya awesome dia macam almost sama level ngan Steve. Like seriously, no one catches Captain America's shield like a frisbee?!?!?! Well, no one except Winter Soldier! Duhhh! 

while lvdv was excited seeing Hill, Fury's assistant, i on the other hand was super excited when i saw Steve's neighbour. I loved her in Revenge (tengok tak series nie?) and oh-so love her in Captain America too!! Was waiting for Steve to make his moves on her but that didnt happened. Hoh! 

im not gonna tell u the best part of the movie...i almost cried u know...*sniffs,sniffs*...but im gonna tell u to sit down n wait til ending credit part 1 cause ada extra scene. then please still remain seated through-out ending credit part 2 sebab ada lagi scene after that. Marvel kan...they always give u hints for the next movie. lvdv saw the word Avengers and got all excited all over again. -.-" 

enjoy the movie u ols! 

:: #moviereview Divergent ::

i just knew, direct translation to the word Divergent is 'mencapah' it BM. that's d first thing you'll notice masa starting of the movie. hahaha..well okay let's see apa yang dicapahkan..huhu

this movie is almost but not quiet the same as Hunger Games. someone told me it's a trilogy therefore nie kira 1st part and i think if u dont watch this one u will not understand the sequels kot..sebab part 1 nie explains apa itu mencapah..hahaha..ok ok that sounded weird..definition of Divergent tu apa.

so in this particular world where everyone lives in Chicago, they are separated into 5 fractions; Amity, Candor, Abnegtion, Dauntless and Erudite. Each puak has their own ciri2 , own ketua, own jobs, own strenght and own weaknesses. at a certain point of teenage life, you are required to undergo a test which helps you to define your own self and to which puak are you most belonged to. But despite the results of the test, you are still entitle to self-choose which fraction u wanna be apart. semuaorang have to be in a certain puak cause if you are fraction-less u are considered sampah masyarakat la gitu...

main characters are Tris & Four ..just so u know my eyes sparkles everytime i write Four. bhahaha..and i think Sandra is also smiling everytime she reads the word Four..hahaha..i tell u mamat ni handsome giler..im warning u girls, get ready to be angau of him! like seriously...gorjesssss! i melted a bit through-out the movie. no kidding. lepas movie pon me and Sandra tak abis2 describing his handsome-ness. Sampai kene tinggal ngan Wan n LVDV sebab xlarat nak layan kitaorang. *sengih* oh wait, there's also Kate Winslet, she aged gracefully i think..even with wrinkles.

well, expect actions n lawan2 scene (like omg dat hurts!ouch!) and fun and an awesome flying fox scene...and a lil bit of love story yang acuh tak acuh in between. One obvious lesson learned from this movie is that LOVE heals. heals better with Four of course!! hahaha..saya kasi 4 stars!! Hehe..okay gediks. Lol.

Selamat menonton! (and berangan girls!) 

:: hi singapore! ::

Universal Studios Singapore was never on my #wishlist but since lil sis Mira wanted to go (again) so we thought why not just for her birthday treat this year. and since the bf tagged along and we discovered his b'day was in march as well so...double celebration la!

i havent been to Singapore for ages. and by ages, it was in 1992. Singapore was my last trip with arwah atuk we went to Pulau Sentosa ( that was new kot masa tu ) and d year after that he passed away. i wore a yellow tshirt and green 3/4 tights pants n rambut no-rebonding. thank God no fashion police arrested me. what was i thinking! hoh!

so 22yrs fast forward...i still wore a 3/4 tights pants to Singapore. hahahaha..i just realised after dah balik JB. suratan atau kebetulan atau kebongokans. hahaha..or maybe it was just my style in Singapore. lmao.

as usual, trip started early morning after breakfast but we sampai USS nearly almost noon. as usual, i do things that i don't do (anymore) in my own country like walking and taking buses. i wore K-Mart sneakers which are not mine...and i read maps. tourist sangat kan? hahaha.. we took a bus from Larkin, rat-raced thru immigration and took MRT to USS. nasib baik semua sihat n fit so jalan pon laju2 kemain pastu haus tak hengat.

6 hours dalam USS we naik almost all rides. kiddy rides pon we bedal. it is a theme park so who cares! had lunch and sambung main rides lagi sampai tutup. since it was a Thursday, naik rides adalah heaven cause no waiting line! i took pictures of almost everything including the rest room signs. other pictures were LVDV posing here and there...and a few of us. nothing cliche. saya tak suka.

i was impressed LVDV overcame dia punya fear factor of not going on a roller coaster! i truly don't know if dia naik semata sebab me or sebab suddenly ter-berani but yang penting, mission accomplished! hahaha...expression muka memang terbaik during those snap shots!! im so proud and touched! ;')

abis USS we sambung fun at the Song of the Sea show at the beach area in Sentosa Resort...and after that we took MRT to Marina Bay Sands. where we practically lay down at the jetty area for a bit while. and then it was 11pm-ish kelam kabut baru nak cari jalan kuar from Singapore. bengongs.

all in all it was such a fun trip. no more sesat after this. (nampak tak ayat akan return back soon...hehe) there were reasons i didn't wanna go at first but i aim to replace memories and i guess i did quite a good job. *winks*  thank you kamoo...and Happy Birthday Mira & Eit!

p/s: videos all are in my keek!

:: #luvcooks corned beef pasta ::

bertuah punya budak is when ur darling gurlfriends buzzez u on whatsapp at 3pm-ish request nak makan kat umah on a sunday...ETA 6pm-ish. perah otak pikir apa nak masak...yang senang and yang sedap. *eh sedap ke? Haha* obviously my choice will always be pasta. paling senang and paling cepat.

Zuzu was in town last weekend...bakal pengantin was doing some shopping. Since she stays in Terengganu, her visits to KL are somewhat special...and since dia je yang slalu takde masa melepak with Zizi n Zaza so i guess let's cook something different for Zuzu. As different as new resipi-bedal first time try out..haha.

Jom masak Corned Beef Pasta!

Pasta - i used linguini
Corned beef
Shitake mushrooms
Cherry tomatoes
Cili padi - suka hati brapa banyak pon
Bawang besar + bawang putih

How to:
1. Tumis bawang + cili padi sampai golden brown then add the corned beef. Biar sampai almost garing.
2. Add in garam before masukkan pasta n mushrooms.
3. Add cherry tomatoes and gaulkan everything sama rata. Ready to served!
4. Cheese is optional. If u want u can add parmesan after dah tutup api and just mix it up all together. :)

I guess Zuzu loved it. Ain who came along tambah sampai tiga kali...hahaha terharu akak! Alhamdulillah..thank u korang datang makan kat umah kita. Next time Zuzu bawak hasben skali la ekk..hehe

Of course, before leaving some camwhoring in the living room..bak kata Ain 'pic keluarga' ..smiles!

:: cinta dalam hati ::

first date. first karoks. first song. okay, not the first concert but at least Ungu sang liveeeeeeee....fall in love all over again. *gedebuk!* Pasha was such a cute permandangan i barely took my eyes off him. kadang-kadang in between songs, i forgot LVDV kat sebelah for about 10seconds sebab was sooo into him. hahaha... eh, that's not me being fanatic. just being homaii-comeynya-ko-pasha-oiiiii ....*sengih*

im a sucker for love songs. and mostly Ungu punya love songs are about patah hati and break-ups and cinta tak kesampaian and what not, but i dont care cause i sing them like im in love. totally the opposite. remember their song tajuk Sayang? that's entirely about the guy wanting to break-up with the girlfriend dengan cara sopan...and suppose to be sedih right? but when i sing (mostly in the car while driving alone), jadi lagu jom-break-tapi-u-still-have-to-love-me-no-matter-what. gilerrrrr takkkk kau nieeee...tapi tu contoh je la. not my favorite pon. why would anyone think lagu mintak break is a sweet thing? gilo mu.

walaupon macam frust skit sebab bukan Pasha yang nyanyi lagu CDH tu that night tapi takpe la...guitarist Ungu pon bole laaa..asalkan nyanyi, im happy and tak lama lepas tu kitaorang pon chow! hahaha.. nak view Pasha can visit my keek @peluvtanya ...walaupon keek dah tak trending nowadays, pedulik apa. dah register apa bagai might as well make use of it kan? 

thank you LVDV for this moment. i heart you rindu!