:: gigih ::

Nie namanya gigih.

one of my bestfriend, Annie posted this on facebook siap tag nama me n Acha. and it all started with a hi hello conversation in whatsapp which i dont know how it lead to issue Selangor takde air. then they both were blabbing about tengah basuh baju sebab takot takde air. one thing after another, Annie siap call Syabas to enquiry. owh wait, did i told you this conversation took place at about 1130ish pm?!?!

Sebab tu laa...gigih. hahahaha!

ive known them like forever. high-school besties. u know..those girlfriends whom parents tak bagi kawan sangat sebab masing2 mengajar yang bukan2 and ntah apa2...ajar sneak-out laa...ajar pegi dating laa..ajar ponteng skolah laa..dan lain2 yang sama waktu dengan-nya. now, they're the best souls i know...im glad we stayed friends through thick and thin. through singles and couples. through happy and sad. through weddings and divorcings. through laki dulu ke laki sekarang..hahahaha

and over the years, lepas dah beranak-pinak sumer (they have kids, i have kintys) ,  tahap gigih tetap sama. they are friends who turns into family. alhamdulillah...

btw, umah i still ada air. meh basuh baju kat sini gals.. :p

:: reunions ::

you know what's fun having friendships yang bertahun-tahun n tahun-tahun?... reunions! just had two sessions last sunday.

it's one of the best feeling when u know you're catching up with those people who are close to heart..with whatever life stories they share, whom u havent met for months but still the bonding is like you've never been apart. starting off with "miyaaaa, bulatnya perut u! bersalin next week eh?" ..followed by "u wanna go back to Kuching alisa? but u just got hereee..whyyyy" and continues with "i will always remember what u say Tania, when it's the matter of the heart..." ..and over a lunch meals n cupcakes we covered quite a bunch of topics. with or without partners the conversation is never awkward. at all.

then later, when somehow somewhat a right moment comes along, whatsapp messages suddenly turns into "eh korang dinner umah la eh malam nie. i masak" ...session starts from 7pm to 1am. food, movie, camwhoring and kittens adopting... time flies when ure spending time with good company. eh jap..good crazies company. :p

next reunion im looking forward to is my 1992 bunch. i owe them my sambal udang petai since 2011. hahaha..lama giler. tapi janji mesti ditepati..inshaAllah soon. waiting for diva kirin punya timetable clear. he flies a lot sejak dua menjak nie laa..haih! af n didi n bestie Fizah is always je around town...pick a date people!

Owh, on a daily basis..i reunion everyday with my classmate from 1993. hahaha..loved & blessed indeed. tq kamoo! Okay that was random...Kbai!

:: #throwback Konsert Destini 2013 ::

Jangan ingat instagram je ada #throwback eh..tengah rajin nak blog nie kita sumbatkan skali kat sini. Why not right? Hehehe..

Been wanting to blog this dah lama kot..tapi tak pernah menyempat. So throwback yang pertama dalam blog nie is for a few months ago punya Konsert Destini!! Sesuai la kan nak throwback sebab a few months ago (technically it was last year) adalah bukan semalam, bukan last week dan juga bukan awal pagi tadi punya cerita.

Konsert yang ini feel dia lain skit sebab it was held in UiTM Shah Alam, kat  dewan baru atas bukit. i had to menapak (in heels okayyyy..) from d parking place kat padang kawad. Dah tercungap and basah ketiak baru tahu we couldve took the vip parking passes. Hampeh.

Line up was mostly the good ones. The night we went ada Dayang Nurfaizah, Hafiz, Adira, Amy Search, Dato CT, Jac, Pasha and Rossa! Ohsem...paling ohsem when Rossa walked by next to me! Next okayyyy...excited lasted for 10mins max. What lasted longer than that was Muara Hati LIVE from Hafiz n Dato CT. Lagu cinta i ols! Haihh..such a prefect (to me) song once upon a story ago.

The concert was for a good cause and harapnya if ada lagi this year everyone should support. Untung students sekarang..ada konsert bagai. Zaman i ols nan hadoo..

Well, my videos are up in keek @peluvtanya. Feel free to sing-a-long for 30seconds eh.. ;)

:: #luvcooks lala goreng pedas ::

eh tetiba nak share resipi pulak...bole ke? sila harap maklum that ive deleted my food-blog due to kemalasan nak handle bebanyak blog..masa mencemburui ku gituhhh! last time i check it was like 3 bulan skali aku hapdate blog tu so apa kejadah namanya kan? i think here is also relevant to share whatever i cook..kan?

so when it comes to cooking..im a Rachel Ray n Nigella fanatic. paling selalu is resipi yang guna paling sikit barang n bahan...my baking is fancier than my cooking. Hehe..and there are times i help out friends who ask for recipes but mostly paling senang ill just ask korang teringin nak makan apa n ill just masak n sila datang umah untuk fulfill keinginan tekak itu..

tapi lately with business growing by day (alhamdulillah...) i dont have time nak tolong masakkan so korang kene la masak sendiri i help out bagi resipi je ok?
so for Lala Goreng Pedas:

Cili padi
Bawang putih
Sos tiram

How to:
1. Tumbuk cili padi n bawang putih kasar2 ...how many is really up to you
Sukahati je la byk mana.
2. Tumis bahan tumbuk tadi with a bit minyak sampai naik bau n a bit garing.
3. Add in the lala and kacau.
4. When shells turns color add in sos tiram a bit n some water for gravy. Cook for 5mins.
5. Add a pinch of garam ...and done!

bole hidang with nasi putih n ulam n sirap selasih...inshaAllah licin pinggan. Hahaha..
Selamat memasak!

:: #moviereview Saving Mr. Banks ::


if you dont know that term. go do yourself a favor and watch Mary Poppins before watching this. hehehe..

now, masa kecik2 dulu, who doesn't want a nanny who comes through your window? oh heck, masa dah besar nie kalo ada nanny datang tetiba pon sama je aku excited. but nowadays, through the door would be more nicer laa kan...

if ure expecting all songs and dancing and chirpy movie then don't watch. it's nothing like that cause it's a deep soul motivation movie. expect a lot of talking and plenty of imagining. if u love, Disney you'll love this movie and if u love Mary Poppins, you'll understand this movie even better. 

just so you know ada Collin Farrel dalam citer nie. it took me a while to recognize him. usually he's in all those lawan-lawan stuff but this time he is Ginty's dad. good looking as usual but mostly all the time drunk. just so you know jugak ada scene sedih in this movie. get ready a pack of tissues. if you're as sentimental as me, you will probably cry just like me...but im a sucker for weeping in movies. hero nangis, i nangis. heroin nangis, i nangis. mak dia nangis, i nangis. kalo citer scary, hantu tu nangis, i nangis jugak...so paham-paham je la my tahap kememe. but only in movies yaaaa...

i guess what i personally learn from watching Saving Mr. Banks is no matter how terrible a person is to you, never forget their good side. NEVER. choose happy moments. those are the times that really matters. 

tips: don't forget to wait til the end credit tauuuu... enjoy watching!

:: 14th ::

i said yes. tis date. a year ago. and from that day on, inseparable. head over heels and all those makan minum mandi tak basah tak kenyang crap. actually kan..to be exact before yes was 'alaaa...napa today?' boleh takkk aku niee..hahaha.
wasnt much becoz it was Vday ( n it wasnt me dia wish last year..choiii ) but bcos tis was d same date as my ex with dia punya ex. ha'ah pompuan memang complicated n tak tentu arah mengada. I know it has nothing to do with me pon but for the last 6yrs i avoided the date...

oh well..im a Gemini. I dont usually remember everything but if it matters, sampai mati pon maybe ill ingat. i said maybe. if it doesnt then pegi mams. u know?

i have a soft spot for memories. i somehow refuse to get rid of them. tak kira la memories best ke..tak best ke..syiok ke..macam haram ke..i just have tis lil library in my brain stuck with these junks. then again..memories that matters only. and did i tell u im a super-hype gal over making new ones? yes..me. for whatever kind i dont care.

so tis year memories for 14th is different...we had an overnight picnic with our crazee people!! haha...mainly ohanas n lafamilia. the ones we can be super weird and LOL with and still loves you d same. now thats love right?

there was us, food and a big pool of water...aktiviti utama berendam, makan, berendam, makan, makan, berendam, berendam, makan, berendam n tido. bangun ..makan, berendam, makan n balik. just a nice short getaway! and a perfect new 14th memory. one big happy family.. :)

from tis day onwards, come what may, i choose happiness over everything..tq love!

:: whatever ::

oh my february...
there's something about this month that i have a "love and hate collides" thingy. macam-macam discoveries and stories and nonsense and im at a stage where the term 'whatever' starts with a capital W.

my hate is keeping me low key. keeping my circle small. the smallest to the extend nowadays i pick and choose whom to meet up with. faktor umur probably..haha. but really, lately, weekends are usually only with LVDV or families. i have tons of pending coffee sessions. gotta make time for those...probably next month. bulan nie im that blunt in blurting my words so let's just keep it simple and tak yah semak kepala otak.

business is growing...alhamdulillah. im thankful. currently still searching for its momentum but i think so far i can manage. being my own boss is pretty much memenatkan but the satisfaction i get is rewarding. im so glad i get to help people and their thank yous are my motivation.

my love this month is......a new discovery. honestly, im scared as hell but this is it. i foresee things more clearly now and to go through this i must be strong. tak tahu macamana nak express this feeling and mix emotions. no one to help me on this. im on my own. i talk to myself a lot...in my head. i should be talking to LVDV about this but hormones keep kicking my ass and that never happens. haiyohhhh...one day i will. when the time is right. inshaAllah.

whatever it is, i know life has been nothing but a blessing. a lot has changed in a year. A LOT! i have never imagined i will have this life before. the good the bad and the memories. terima kasih kamoo...and thank you God.

:: #moviereview Kami Histeria ::

excuse me. what's with the angkat kening? im a Malaysian...so yes, i support local movies as well okay? ...and i sing to their OST too just so u know :p

semalam pegi tengok screening Kami Histeria. memang agak histeria la jugak ohsemnya! ahahaha..gotta say this movie is pretty cool. bole la letak dalam kategori #mustwatch ...and probably bakal dalam kategori watch berkali-kali. sebab......it's fun!

if ure a penakut sila tengok ramai-ramai but hellooooo....Fazura jadi hantu kot. her face is so not scary la! she's in a super tight kebaya with really blood-red lipstick. black long hair. paku kat tengkok. tak scary lahhhh!!! u people who drools over her might suka bangat. and she sings this time. yups. sings. well...err, kinda sings.

jarang sebenarnya local movies buat comedy and scary yang menjadik but this one im giving 4 out of 5 stars. honestly it's a fun chick-flick. pelakon sumer sedap mata memandang..and jalan cerita sedap mata menonton. every character was well played and stood out individually. *clap*clap*clap*

this is not a musical but since Kami Histeria is an indie-girl band so...catchy songs are included as well. not to mentioned akan terus melekat dalam kepala hotak and tahu-tahu je you'll be like.."kamiiiiiii histeria.....kamiiiii histeria..." ..seriously. im talking from experience. okay...or maybe that's just me.

all in all...girls, go watch it with your bestfriends. perfect to-do-thingy for a girls-day-out...boys, go watch with your best-buddies too. sebab kalo pegi dengan girlfriend n korang drool over si hantu fazura kang ada plak yang merajukssssss....hahaha...

btw, it's out today. selamat menonton!

:: unplanned outings ::

now i totally understand why sometimes benda yang kita plan tak slalunya menjadi...rupanya when it's an unplanned thingy, at the end of the day memories turned out super awesome! i just had one last weekend. semua benda was a last minute plan. and it turned out wayyyyy okay than expected.

thanks to cuti CNY on friday, i had a good session with bestlovefriends yang susah sangat nak jumpe. everyone had a pasta lunch at my place then pergi melalak karaoke then sambung supper til late. i discovered a few new things during supper session which pretty much made me blush with pink cheeks. good talks i must say. thank you korang!

then on saturday...i had this session:

i bonded with nature. gituhhhh....until everyone yang berendam dalam sungai warned me about the stray dog. -_______-" dengan kadar segera aku masuk sungai jugak! ahahaha..bongoks punya anjing. this was entirely a family thingy. outing with my sibs and cosins at sg.congkak! just a short roadtrip outside from the city for a couple of hours was a feel good session. best!

and to end the unplanned outing...unplanned karaoke again!!! ahahaha... >.<

i should totally do this more often. unplanned vacay perhaps kan baby? ;P