:: YOU people ::

lately nie kan..people are getting on my nerves. i somehow can relate to the phrase of "the more i get to know poeple, the more i like animals" ...like seriously there's probably 7ribu words mixed up all in my head berkecamuk waiting for the time to spill it out. Yet i havent decided to do that for now...trying my level best to tapis and tapis and tapis ayat-ayat sesuci yang boleh. But so far...still tak brapa suci. so i shaddap la je untuk sementara waktu.

im at a point where my bahasa is so blunt even i myself feels like slapping diri sendiri. i try...try...try...note-to-self most of the time sebab takot sangat my own words will come back and haunt me..lebih2 lagi cause i see the cycle that is happening to people around me. mintak selisih malaikat 44 ye! Tapi tu laa...bila diam, makin menjadi perangai mangkuk hayun sekor2 nie. Hoh!!

i have a lot in plans tis year...for me, for me n lvdv, for me n lvdv n bestlovefriends..for ohanas, for lafamilia, for my GBS..for business ventures..and for all of that rasanya i have no time to entertain such non-sense. sakit jiwa nie dah a bit immune and there's nothing i cant handle. I believe God is great..He knows best n He knows what ive learned from what's happening around me. Tapi im only human..kekadang tu tak ter-control emosi dan kelaharan bahasa. I mean no harm but if the shoe fits...lu pikir la sendiri ekk?!?

all im asking in return, tolong jangan kacau hidup i bole ke? Senang giler kan pertolongan i mintak nie? But just in case u cannot help it...probably the best thing u can do is to shut the fuck up. When u talk about me, eventually i will know. You might say aku nie perasan macam bagus n as if ada orang heran tapi i know people like you akan heran sebab eventho im being blocked on any social media platform yang lain YOU people still read up my blog posts (and stalk my insta too for that matter)..pastu tweet in response of it. pastu bila aku cakap ko bangang ko marah. apa ke bangang nama nya nie...haish!

so let's do each other a favour...mampu?

:: #moviereview Mandela - Long Walk To Freedom ::

before blogging jenguk jap my last post for movie review...it was 6mths ago n ada hati cakap nak catch up with the momentum...bhahahahaha kat diri sendiri. catch up la sgt..puiiihhh. i used to love writing reviews on movies and what happened la deyyy?!?!?! Tis year back again...i hope *crossing fingers*

first week of 2014..started off with movie screening Mandela. We lost him a while back and to watch his movie starting off the year is ...inspiring.

through out d movie all i could think of was...this man was a village boy out of nowhere yet one day he leads his own country. Ahhh-maaa-zingggg ...terus teringat soklan, what have you done for your country?
eone knows im a cendawan-kememe...i tend to cry in almost ALL movies yang ada scene sedih diikuti ngan lagu background menyayat hati...hahaha but tis one was different..i cried (of coz) with both hands holding tissues. BOTH! And it went all sappy all-together memikirkan the world just lost him a while ago. Huwaaaaa....

i not only watch d movie but sambil tengok sambil berpikir. bersyukurlah nak i was born in Malaysia, tanah air ku. the hardship of peoples life back then is unimaginable for me. and obviously besides that i went googoo-gaagaa over the fashionable wardrobe selection for the movie. berkali-kali suka some dresses worn by the mrs. i might just tempah one for my own collection..hehehe..sebab tersuka sangat!

tis movie ill give 5star laa..definitely a MUST WATCH..tak kira if u know who or dont know who is Mandela sekalipon. story line is filled with nothing but love and hope...for your country.pegi la tengok..serious tak rugi.

:: ive got u 2014 ::

it's true. no plans is the best plans of all. nampak tak ayat coverline kat situ? hahaha...yeah yeah..i had no ACTUAL plans for new year which ended up awesomely...at home.

hambik kauuu...officially a domestic goddess ive turned into kan? i refuse to mengaku it's a faktor umur thingy. kan orang cakap home is where the heart is...last year, i celebrated my bday at home, LVDV's bday pon at home and what is more ohsem to complete new year at home too right? and there was homecooked food...perfecto!

2013 in one word for me would probably be...balanced. i was sad then happy. i was hated then loved. i was scared then brave. i was confused then sure. i lost then gained. and eventho maybe i wish i couldve done some things differently..i accept that it was meant to be this way. i have no regrets.

there were times i worry what people would say and then there were moments i just went completely u-think-i-care attitude. there were also moments i wanna hear everything said and then sometimes i feel like shutting everyone off. crazy as it seems but it the end all is well. im still waras so far..hehe. 

i cannot please semuaorang. even those people yang very close to heart pon at one point or another will not understand what you yourself is going through. those yang advice you 'do what makes you happy babe' are actually those yang paling tak happy with your doings. senang cite pergi lantak kat situ..i know what I'm doing and I dont need anyone's approval pon. so sekian terima kasih...i appreciate d help which wasnt helping much at all. life must go on n it has. 

resolutions ..not gonna happen. but things I wanna do this year i ada a list of it. a week before new year I told LVDV my 3 main things I wanna make happen for 2014...and all I got was a 'seriously syg?' look. -__________-" thaaaaaaaaannnnxxxx sayanggggggggg!!! *shout* unrealistic as it sounds, I don't care. I'm still doing it..selagi mampu. LVDV has no choice but to support me on this. paksa-rela. Hahaha..

for us...more places to travel of coz!!! we've started a business together that both of us are super hyped about and so far coming into 2014 it's growing. alhamdulillah. It's time to visit places in our wishlist ....*winks*winks* creating new memories remember? And not to mention this year macam penuh events to attend too! i like! a damn good reason for me to do some shopping spree for both of us...hehehe. :p 

owh my dear 2014...whatever u have in store for me this year i am so ready. inshaAllah. eh..happy new year everybody!!! mwahssss!!!